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What To Do In The Event Of Fire Damage

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Few events mirror the devastation caused by a fire. Each year, fires cause widespread catastrophe, including substantial property damage and, in some cases, injuries to people and pets, and even death. Here, our Gainesville, FL, contractors and fire restoration experts discuss what to do in the event of fire damage.


Common Signs Your Home Has Water Damage

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Water damage can happen from a bad thunderstorm, a hurricane, excessive flooding, or faulty, leaking pipes. Let Maven Construction Group assist you with this list of common signs of household water damage. Knowing these signs lets you spot potential damage early and stop it immediately.


Mold Growth In Your Home During Colder Temperatures: 4 Common Mold Questions

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As the cold weather reaches full force during the winter season, many property owners express concern about high levels of indoor humidity. Here, our Gainesville contractors answer four common questions about mold in your home.


Mold Prevention Tips

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Mold can have significant effects on your health and wellness and consequences for the habitability and integrity of your property. As such, our Gainesville mold removal company has put together the following mold prevention tips.


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