General Contractor Lic #CGC1519003 - Mold Remediation Lic #MRSR2344

North Central Florida’s leading restoration company, Maven Construction Group provides timely, effective restoration, remediation, and reconstruction services to residential and commercial properties through the greater Gainesville, FL, region, 24/7. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in returning properties damaged by water, mold, fire, smoke, or storms to their original condition. If your home or business requires restoration services, don’t wait — contact us today.

Mold Removal & Clean Up

Any residential or commercial property with water damage is likely to also have mold growing inside — and even outside — the structure, despite visible signs of mold. Hidden mold could be lurking behind wallpaper or drywall, under the carpet, behind furniture, or above ceiling tiles. In addition to polluting indoor air, mold can also cause a number of health conditions, including respiratory conditions. We offer complete mold removal services to ensure your family or employees are safe.

Water Damage

Water can get into every crack and crevice in your house. It can soak into the wood in your floors or walls and damage the structural integrity of your home or business. What’s more, water damage in humid Florida conditions make for the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and spread. Maven Construction Group provides timely water damage restoration services and reliable information on water damage repair, including:

Fire Damage

Fire damage can be devastating for any home or business owner — residual smoke and soot are health hazards, while structural instability halts day-to-day business as well as the enjoyment of your indoor space. Maven Restoration has over 20 years of experience in fire restoration services. We handle the reconstruction of fire damaged homes with ease and expert hands.

Storm & Wind Damage

The possibility of tropical storms, hurricanes, and thunderstorms damaging your home tends to be greater in Florida than in other parts of the country. Natural disasters and severe thunderstorms can happen quickly and leave serious damage in their wake. If your home or business is damaged by strong winds, heavy rains, fallen trees, or other destruction caused by storms, contact Maven Construction Group for reliable service right away.

Residential & Commercial Reconstruction

Constructing a building from the ground up is a completely different process than rebuilding a structure after severe damage occurs. Maven Construction Group has the expertise to restore your property to its previous condition after a disaster. Our team is staffed with licensed contractors and engineers who specialize in all areas of construction.

Our licensed general contractor oversees each stage of a commercial or residential reconstruction project, working with electrical, mechanical, civil, and structural engineers as well as project and financial managers to return your home or business to its pre-loss condition. Once we’re finished, no one will ever know you ever experienced a disaster.

New Construction

Building a home or business from the ground-up is an exciting opportunity to tailor your structure based on your family or company’s unique needs. Maven Construction Group makes new home construction a breeze with professional, reliable services from the planning stages to the final steps of project completion. Our team has the most up-to-date knowledge about building code requirements and will perform a final inspection for assured stability and safety.

Roof Damage

There are a number of ways for a roof to become damaged, including damage due to high winds and tropical storms. While the roof of your home or business may seem impenetrable, many disaster-related — and a number of non-disaster related — causes of roof damage occur every day, including tree branches, pests, and the sun, among other causes. If you suspect that your roof is damaged, contact us for roof repair services to begin restoration of your roof and minimize as much damage as possible.

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

Locally owned and operated in Gainesville, FL, Maven Construction Group is a licensed general contractor, Angie’s List Certified Contractor, and is accredited and A-rated by the Better Business Bureau. Maven has delivered the best damage restoration and reconstruction services in North Central Florida for more than 15 years.

Certified General Contractor Lic # CGC1519003 Certified Mold Remediation Lic # MRSR2344