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There are plenty of ways your home or business can become damaged and vulnerable to the outdoor elements. While it may be easier to assume you can wait to get a roof repaired, you may be endangering both your structure and your family or employees. Your roof is an integral element of your house that, and if left untouched when damaged, can quickly escalate to a worse situation. When you are in need of a restoration company for roof repair, there is no one better than Maven Construction Group.

Our goal is to serve each client in every way and prioritize customer service. That is why our technicians communicate directly with your insurance agency so that you don’t have to. We begin working on restoring your property right away, before the insurance claim is processed, so your residential or commercial property is restored to pre-damage condition as soon as possible. Don’t delay — contact Maven Construction Group today.

Roof Damage Repair & Restoration Services In Gainesville, FL

Common Causes Of Roof Damage

Maven Construction Group knows that damage to your roof can occur for a number of reasons, including these common causes of
roof damage.

Pest-Related Damage

Trees and overgrowth can act as a two-way street for animals. As raccoons, squirrels, mice, bats, birds, and others scurry across your roof, they may pause to chew, tear and/or pull at the shingles. If successful, they may further explore the attic and other parts of inside your home. Along with being a nuisance, animals and their associated droppings can spread disease, posing a risk to residents of the home or employees in a business.

Flashing Failure

Sometimes even the most impenetrable boundary fails. Flashing can be either a first or second line boundary on the roof, protecting your home. However, if it was improperly installed or damaged by animals, winds, or trees, water can enter. Flashing is often made from plastic, rubber, roofing felt, and rust-resistant metal and can be found around skylights, valleys (where two roof planes come together), drip edge, and chimneys.

Hail Damage

Sometimes the summer storms in Florida also bring hail with torrential downpours and wind damage. Though often thought of as symmetrical spheres, hail is mostly jagged. As it hits, the protective granules on shingles are knocked away and hailstones can leave dents or, if large enough, break through the shingles. Hail can be sporadic or widespread, meaning it’s possible that only a few shingles may be damaged in a storm or the entire roof can be affected.

Sunlight Damage

While we enjoy soaking up the sun in the Sunshine State, your roof can soak up a little too much over time. UV light and thermal expansion can cause premature deterioration of your roof. Shingles crack, warp, and break down, allowing in rain — which typically requires professional water damage restoration to avoid further damage to the structure.

Common Dangers Of Roof Damage

Though your roof may seem impenetrable, there are many ways the elements can affect it. Therefore, it is important to regularly check it so you will be able to call for roofing repair services when needed. We also provide 24/7 emergency water removal services, so your never left to deal with a disaster situation alone. Contact us any time, day or night.

Leaky Roof

There are a surprising number of ways leaks can endanger both your house and your family. It is important to learn how to find roof leaks so you can fix them. Even small leaks can have a lasting impact, because they represent a weakness in the barrier. Therefore, water is able to enter your home and can cause the following.

  • Compromise the structural integrity of your house
  • Create fire damage due to shorted wires
  • Encourage the growth of mold and mildew throughout your home
  • Increase utility bills because of saturated insulation
  • Cause water to pool and makes the floor slippery
  • Put the health of your family at risk due to leaky-roof mold

Wind Damage

Florida is well-known for its extreme storms and the storm damage it causes. The violent wind associated with these storms can be quite detrimental to your roof. Uneven exposure and pressure from wind can cause a peeling effect that lifts part of your roofing up. While many people worry about their roof being pulled off completely, they should also be concerned about it lifting minimally. Once it does, water is able to get in. Additionally, wind picks up debris and can drag it across your roofing which will require residential or commercial roof repairs.

Roof Damage Caused By Trees

While trees are aesthetically pleasing and provide much needed shade to your home, they have the potential to harm your property. For instance, if trees grow too close to your house, their branches can scrape across your shingles causing damage. Fallen leaves can also accumulate preventing proper water drainage and causing stains and deterioration on the top of your roof. Finally, if any branches fall, they can land on your roof causing significant structural damage that require roof repair.

Mid-to-late summer and early autumn often bring heavy winds, tropical storms and rain to Florida. These storms can cause massive damage when trees are toppled or limbs broken. Should a large limb or even moderate sized tree fall on your roof, you’ll need emergency roof repairs before further damage can be done. Call Maven Construction Group immediately to begin restoration and repair of your roof and minimize as much damage as possible. We also provide reliable, prompt reconstruction services, in the event that your structure becomes severely damaged. Schedule services any time of day or night — contact us today.

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Locally owned and operated in Gainesville, FL, Maven Construction Group is a licensed general contractor, Angie’s List Certified Contractor, and is accredited and A-rated by the Better Business Bureau. Maven has delivered the best damage restoration and reconstruction services in North Central Florida for more than 15 years.

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