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Water damage can happen from a bad thunderstorm, a hurricane, excessive flooding, or faulty, leaking pipes. Whatever the case, don’t let accidental water damage ruin your beautiful home. Let Maven Construction Group assist you with this list of common signs of household water damage. Knowing these signs lets you spot potential damage early and stop it immediately.

For spread water damage, contact our expert restoration contractors in Gainesville, FL. Our professionals offer water leak detection, emergency water removal, and home reconstruction services you can trust.

You Notice Mold

Take a second and imagine this scenario: your child is sick. They are coughing and experiencing trouble breathing. You also notice a musty, unpleasant smell emanating from one of your rooms. If you can relate to this story, you may have mold inside your home. Household mold often occurs in basements and moist, humid areas. To inspect your house for mold, check for discoloration around where your walls meet the ceiling. Any dark marks can be indicative of mold or mildew growth.

Increased Water Bill

A pricier water bill could be a warning. Check your utility bills this month. A sudden, unexpected increase in your water charge and consumption could mean that you have a water leak in your home. If you suspect that there is a leak in your home, contact our water damage restoration professionals! We will inspect your home and remediate any issues we uncover, leaving you with a healthier, happier home!

Wall Warping

Have your walls always looked like that? You may notice stains, wood rot, or bulging bubbles. If so, call an experienced contractor right away. Sagging walls are a response to excess moisture in your home. Left untreated, your walls can worsen and cause permanent damage to your home’s foundation. We recommend running your fingers along your walls to feel for any wetness. Water-damaged drywall and plaster will feel soft and spongy. You should also firmly press against your drywall. Damaged walls will sink inward when you apply pressure.

Lifting Floors

Walls are not the only part of your home that can get water damage! Look down at your floors as well to make sure they aren’t cracked, warped, or lifting. Check to see if your floor planks are separating from their seams or pulling upward. Hardwood floors can be especially susceptible to water damage, so the next time you accidentally spill water on the ground, quickly wipe up all the liquid. Your floor should be completely dry to prevent wood warping and buckling.

Paint Damage

Peeling, flaky paint is an easy way to discover where a water leak or damaged pipe is. For example, paint bubbles, in all different sizes, may suddenly crop up on your walls. This is a reaction to internal water damage. In other words, water leaks inside your house have started to cause the paint to stretch on the outside. Before these paint bubbles burst, contact Maven Construction Group as soon as possible. We’ve got you covered!

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

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Certified General Contractor Lic # CGC1519003 Certified Mold Remediation Lic # MRSR2344