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Few events mirror the devastation caused by a fire. Each year, fires cause widespread catastrophe, including substantial property damage and, in some cases, injuries to people and pets, and even death. Knowing what to do after Florida house fires or fires on a commercial property is integral for protecting yourself, those around you, and your property.

Understanding how to respond to a fire and the fire damage restoration process can accelerate and streamline your property restoration and financial recovery. Here, our Gainesville, FL, contractors and fire restoration experts discuss what to do in the event of fire damage. Contact us today for more information about our comprehensive restoration services and request a quote.

What To Do Immediately After A Fire

When a fire occurs within or near your residential or commercial property and affects your safety and the safety of other occupants in the building, your first priority is to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Ideally, you should already have a comprehensive fire safety protocol in place, meaning the building’s smoke detectors and fire safety items are in good working condition and will alert occupants if a threat occurs. You should call 911 immediately to report the incident and request emergency assistance.

You should never enter or reenter any building that is ablaze. If your residence was affected by the fire, you should plan to either stay in a hotel or with family or friends until your home is ready to reenter. Once you and those around you are safe, be sure to seek the assistance of fire damage restoration Gainesville specialists to begin the fire damage restoration process. You will also want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible following the fire.

Assessing The Damage After A Fire

Before you reenter a property affected by fire damage, you should contact your local authorities to confirm it is safe. Once given the go-ahead, you should take pictures and document all exterior damage, noting any broken entryways, such as doors or windows, that are not secure. Any entrance or window no longer secure should be boarded up to ensure your property is secure during the fire and smoke damage restoration process. You should also take pictures of and document all damage to the interior structure and inventory the building damage and all damaged or lost items. Save receipts for all expenses paid for following the fire, as they may be required when you file an insurance claim.

Call Our Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration Company

Fires can have catastrophic consequences for your property. After the fire is put out, your property will have debris, wreckage, and hazardous materials that must be removed before the fire damage reconstruction process can begin. If your home sustains a fire, working with experienced, professional fire remediation specialists is important to handle the damage and restoration processes properly. Even a small house fire can cause significant damage within minutes of the flames starting, creating toxic fumes and covering every surface in your home or business with ash and soot.

Our Gainesville contractors have the expertise, technique, and products to effectively clean out, restore, and rebuild properties of all types and sizes after a fire. Fire damage often includes water damage as a byproduct of extinguishing fire. Maven Construction Group offers all-encompassing fire restoration services for residential and commercial properties located throughout North Central Florida. Contact us for timely, comprehensive fire restoration services 24/7.

What Does Fire Restoration Include?

At Maven Construction Group, we know that picking up the pieces and resuming your regular life after a fire can be the most difficult experience faced by property owners. If your property sustains fire damage, rely on our fire damage remediation company to do all the work, from cleanup to construction. We are the only fire restoration company that self-funds projects, so you don’t have to wait for a payout from your insurance company before work starts on your property. We offer full-scale remediation and restoration services for all your property’s needs.

Personal Belongings Inventory

Before any fire damage remediation book begins, we will take a comprehensive inventory and itemized list of all damaged and lost personal items. Once the list is complete, we will submit it to your insurance company. Don’t worry; you don’t have to handle this alone!

24/7 Board-Up Service

Our fire damage restoration and remediation company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days each year, should a fire damage your residential or commercial property. When you call us, we will board up any compromised areas of your property to ensure it is secure.

Clean, Pack & Store Items

After our team takes an inventory of your personal property, our skilled technicians carefully clean all remaining salvageable items, removing the soot and smoke from them. Then, we will safely pack and carefully store them until they can reenter the property.

Smoke & Odor Removal

When a fire affects a property, it leaves behind pungent odors that cannot be removed without specialized treatment from fire damage remediation specialists. We offer smoke odor removal services that completely restore high indoor air quality (IAQ) to your property after a fire.

Demolition & Preparation

In some cases, fire damage makes certain parts of the property unsalvageable and requires demolition. Our restoration company demolishes and removes fire-damaged property to prepare it for the reconstruction and rebuilding process.

Fire Damage Reconstruction

Whether a portion of your property was damaged or your home or business requires a total rebuild after a fire occurs, Maven Construction Group can reconstruct your property to the highest standards. Contact us for restoration services 24/7!

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

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