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While most regions of the United States experience dry, frigid winter air, homeowners in North Central Florida enjoy mild weather throughout winter. But just because temperatures fall in the winter doesn’t mean the disappeared heat has taken high humidity levels along with it. Throughout Florida, homeowners are plagued by excess humidity year-round. Even with cooler outdoor air, any disruption to homeostatic mold levels and other fungi can cause them to spread.

If your home was subject to flooding, leaks, storm damage, or any other type of water damage, and the damage was not remediated, remaining traces of water can increase the proliferation of mold. Here, our restoration contractors at Maven Construction Group discuss everything you need to know about mold growth in Florida homes during the winter, how to recognize mold, the best mold removal solutions, and how to prevent mold growth. Contact us today to request a quote for mold removal in Gainesville, FL.

Why Does My House Have Mold In The Winter?

Hot, moisture-rich environments are ideal for mold to grow and spread, yet mold can develop in colder temperatures, though this is less common. Mold thrives in North Central Florida’s warm, humid climate throughout the year, and it cannot usually survive in cold climates unless the environment is also warm or has high moisture levels.

Homes in our area that are too well-insulated, have high levels of humidity or moisture, and do not have adequate ventilation, are likely to develop mold at any time of the year, including winter. The presence of mold in the home can be devastating to the health of humans and animals, indoor air quality, property values, and the structural integrity of a house.

Does Mold In A House Get Worse In Winter?

While many people may think mold problems in a home will disappear as soon as the colder weather arrives, in truth, mold is a year-round problem. Coupled with high levels of naturally present moisture in the air, keeping your home heated between 60 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter will drastically increase the risk of mold development and spread. In winter, mold can become even more of an issue than in spring and summer, as warm air from your heating system rises, often resulting in condensation, which is the ideal growth environment for mold.

How Can I Determine If My House Has Mold?

Most common molds in a home give off a musty or earthy smell. Think of the smell of soil in the woods or the forest floor. While the naked eye can see some types of mold, mold can also grow in out-of-sight areas.  Mold is particularly fond of growing on items made from leather that are unused for a period of time and items left in dark, moisture-rich areas of the home that are not well-ventilated.

Most active mold colonies appear green to black, while mold growing in hidden spaces, such as on vinyl wall coverings, can appear pink to yellow. These molds indicate serious, potentially devastating moisture accumulation that cannot be remediated simply by turning on the air conditioner and regulating indoor humidity. The best way to determine if your house has mold is to contact our trusted mold remediation company, Maven Construction Group!

How Do I Keep Mold Out Of My House In The Winter?

If you have mold in your home in the winter, professional mold remediation, mold cleanup, and mold restoration services are required to get rid of the mold, restore the structural integrity of the home, and ensure the home is safe for human and animal occupancy.

To help prevent the accumulation and proliferation of mold in the winter in your Florida home, you can turn on the “auto” fan setting on your air conditioner, select the right air conditioning system for the size of your home and your cooling requirements, have your heating and cooling system regularly and professionally maintained twice a year, run your ceiling fans, use spot ventilation, and avoid opening the windows.

You should also never use a humidifier to increase humidity indoors, use your nose to detect mold issues, or ignore signs of a mold problem. For more information and tips on keeping your home free from harmful levels of mold, contact Maven Construction Group.

How Our Mold Remediation Company Can Help

Finding signs of mold damage in your home can be frustrating and scary. If you suspect mold where you live, our mold removal company can help! We provide expert mold inspection, removal, remediation, and restoration services throughout North Central Florida from residential and commercial properties. We offer free estimates and are available for prompt and reliable services whenever needed. Contact us today to request a quote and receive a free estimate!

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