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Finding mold in your home can be a troubling experience, mainly because there are serious health risks associated with mold, such as respiratory issues, skin irritation, cold-and-flu symptoms, headaches, nausea, and asthma. What’s more, if it’s not efficiently and effectively remediated, mold can even render your home uninhabitable. Gainesville restoration company Maven Construction Group offers a simple guide for helping you understand how and why mold spreads in bathrooms and what you can do to stop it.

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What Causes Mold In Bathrooms?

Bathrooms are among the most common areas of a home that act as an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. The primary reasons for this include a lack of adequate ventilation and hot, moist conditions, both of which mold and mildew thrive on. Showers and baths alike create lingering moisture that binds to your shower liner, linoleum surfaces, tiles, grout, walls, windows, and other areas. Without proper disbursement and drying of the moisture, mold will grow and spread. Leaking plumbing and water damage can likewise contribute to mold growth and spread. Should you fail to notice dripping from your bathroom toilet, sinks, or pipes, the accumulated standing water could leave you with a serious mold problem. Mold feeds on any organic matter and will consume it to spread to other areas of the home. Dust, 70-80 percent of which is composed of dead human skin cells, provides nutrition to mold, allowing it to spread.

How To Prevent Bathroom Mold

In some cases, mold growth can be inevitable. But, fortunately, there are several ways in which you can help minimize the risk of mold and mildew growth and spread in the warm and wet conditions of your bathroom.

Do I Need Mold Remediation?

The first hint that there might be a mold problem in your home is finding a water leak or moist areas under sinks, carpets, in the attic, and other spaces. The most effective way to identify whether or not you have mold damage and require mold damage restoration is with a professional mold assessment from Maven Construction Group. Our restoration and remediation company employs licensed professionals and offers top-level restoration services to accurately and efficiently diagnose mold contamination and damage. Contact us today for more information or to schedule mold inspection and removal services.

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Certified General Contractor Lic # CGC1519003 Certified Mold Remediation Lic # MRSR2344