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Water is pervasive, and the consequences can be devastating when your residential property floods.  Flooding can cause significant water damage if it isn’t remedied properly, from minor cosmetic disrepair to severe structural damage. So what is the best way to remain vigilant about the potential effects of flooding in your home, and how can you restore your property if flooding-related water damage occurs? Whether your home sustained roof damage, storm damage, or other damage due to severe sewage, groundwater, coastal, or river flooding, Maven Construction Group has you covered.

Our water damage restoration experts offer comprehensive water damage restoration and reconstruction services and mold removal services when North Central Florida homeowners need them most. Here, our Gainesville restoration specialists discuss the top four causes of flooding that can occur in your home. Contact us today to request a quote!

Sewage Flooding

North Central Florida is no stranger to heavy rainfall and seasonal storms. Even so, regional sewage systems and wastewater plants can become overwhelmed by unexpected bouts of heavy rainfall, causing these systems to break down. This excess of water can force its way into your home through improper drainage or sewer lines clogged with debris. For older homes with septic systems, sewer flooding is common with faulty septic systems but can affect any home. If sewage flooding affects your property, contact Maven Construction Group for prompt emergency water removal.

Groundwater Flooding

Substantial rainwater, whether due to a hurricane or heavy storm, can cause groundwater flooding. With groundwater flooding, excess water gushes out into the streets and nearby areas. Rural and urban homeowners should be equally wary, as these areas are prone to groundwater flooding. Unlike river flooding, groundwater flooding slowly over days or weeks after heavy rainfall. While this flooding occurs gradually, the potential for water damage can be significant. Fortunately, the slow pace of groundwater flooding allows homeowners a head start on protecting their properties and personal belongings from water damage.

Coastal Flooding

The vast majority of the earth’s water is located in oceans. Oceans can pose a significant risk to residential properties located in coastal areas. Tides, storm surges, heavy rainfall, strong winds, high tides, and large waves can cause the water from the ocean to travel onto land and into coastal properties. Coastal areas with fewer defenses and lower elevations are typically most susceptible to sustaining damage from coastal flooding. In many cases, the best time to repair a breach is during low tide. Does your property require water damage repair from coastal flooding? Contact our restoration company to schedule a property inspection.

River Flooding

Just as homes on North Central Florida’s coastline are susceptible to flooding damage, so are residential properties near natural freshwater rivers and lakes. The water levels in rivers, streams, or lakes can rise due to high rainfall or storms, which may cause the water to travel over the banks and into neighboring lands. Several factors determine the severity of river flooding, such as the amount of rainfall, duration of rainfall, and a river’s water level before the rainfall. Fortunately, most causes of river flooding are predictable, providing homeowners with time to evacuate safely and reinforce their properties to help prevent water damage.

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Certified General Contractor Lic # CGC1519003 Certified Mold Remediation Lic # MRSR2344