General Contractor Lic #CGC1519003 - Mold Remediation Lic #MRSR2344

The word “Mold” can invoke fear in buyers, sellers and real estate agents. Potential buyers are becoming aware of it and have a concern, sellers don’t want to deal with it and real estate agents are stuck in the middle. Mold can be the cause of delayed or lost sales in real estate transactions – especially if it’s discovered during an inspection. However, mold doesn’t have to end in a lost sale of property.

To avoid lost real estate sales, arm yourself with facts about mold. Explain to your clients that not all molds are toxic, contrary to what they may have heard. It’s important to always explain that mold only grows where it has access to moisture. If just one spot in a home has mold, that doesn’t mean your client needs to tear apart the entire house. If you are selling a house with mold, you can avoid pitfalls by consulting a licensed mold remediation specialist, like Maven Construction Group.

The trained mold remediation specialists at Maven Construction Group understand mold problems and use their vast experience, the latest equipment and highly trained professionals to find the source, remediate the mold and return the home to pre-loss conditions. We work with a sense of urgency and have helped many real estate agents in Alachua County save sales with our fast, but thorough, water damage restoration and mold remediation services.

We provide comprehensive photo documentation to all parties involved so that they can be rest-assured the home was restored to pre-loss conditions. By addressing mold problems quickly and completely, you will lessen the chance of legal action against yourself or anyone else in the transaction. And, you can turn a potential liability into a selling point — the seller has taken the necessary steps to rid the house of mold.

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

Locally owned and operated in Gainesville, FL, Maven Construction Group is a licensed general contractor, Angie’s List Certified Contractor, and is accredited and A-rated by the Better Business Bureau. Maven has delivered the best damage restoration and reconstruction services in North Central Florida for more than 15 years.

Certified General Contractor Lic # CGC1519003 Certified Mold Remediation Lic # MRSR2344