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As North Central Florida’s restoration experts, our Gainesville restoration company has seen the devastating effects water damage can have on a home or business. Whether from a leaky roof, burst pipes, or flooding, the long-term consequences of water damage can be significant if not properly addressed. Water can seep into every nook and cranny of a building, causing structural damage, mold growth, and health hazards.

Understanding the potential long-term effects of water damage to your property, taking immediate action to prevent further damage, and ensuring a safe and healthy living or working environment is critical to your property’s health and longevity. Here, our water damage restoration specialists discuss the long-term effects of water damage and how you can mitigate them. Contact us today to request a quote for our restoration and construction services!

Growth & Spread Of Mold

Excess water and moisture produce havens for fungal growth. When floodwater, water from leaking pipes or leaking roofs, or excess water from another source enters any structure, there is a danger that it will remain there for some time and become absorbed into the flooring, roof, walls, furnishings, and other places. Mold growth can develop on bathroom tiles, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, upholstery, carpeting, and dust!

When water damage contamination is not properly or quickly dealt with, there can be long-term health effects on people and pets, as well as primary and secondary life-threatening infections in individuals with compromised immune systems. Toxic mold is a life-threatening substance that often grows and spreads in water-damaged areas. Stachybotrys chartarum and Aspergillus Niger are two types of mold that create mycotoxins, which can cause various long-term health conditions.

Structural Property Damage

Just like your health, water damage can have long-lasting effects on any structure, whether it’s a large home or a small commercial building. If it’s not remediated by restoration professionals in a timely manner, it can result in the deterioration of your roof underlayment and decking, softening and warping of bowed wood-frame structures, eroding of your property’s foundation, impaired siding to your structure’s exterior, and water-logged insulation.

In terms of the long-term effects on your home or business’s electricity, plumbing, and HVAC system, water can cause the electrical system to be inoperable, contaminated floodwaters can corrode and break down the pipes, and water leaks in your HVAC system or ductwork can cause complete system failures.

Loss Of Value Of Property

Unremediated water damage can have a ruinous effect on the valuation of your residential or commercial property. This is of particular concern if you own your property and intend to sell it now or in the future. Potential buyers may quickly look elsewhere for a new property when they learn of any long-term water damage in the property.

What’s more, unattended water damage can destroy a home’s or commercial property’s contents, as furnishings, carpeting, flooring, electrical appliances, electronic items, and personal property become damaged, contaminated, and unsalvageable. Cosmetic damage can likewise be severe, with water damage causing permanent water stains and unsightly and dangerous mold markings, erosion of the drywall, bubbling of pain, peeling wallpaper, and separating of wood flooring.

How To Mitigate The Effects Of Water Damage

If your home or business experiences flooding, leaks, or any other form of excessive water and moisture, you must act right away! Immediately seek professional help from our water damage restoration specialists at Maven Construction Group. We have decades of experience handling and remediating all types and scales of water damage in every structure.

We offer 24/7 emergency water removal services to quickly and safely remove any excess water and moisture, salvage your belongings, and remove and remediate any mold or mildew in the structure, as well as get the insurance process started. Our business is locally owned and operated in Gainesville, FL, and we are a licensed general contractor, Angie’s List Certified Contractor, and accredited and A-rated by the Better Business Bureau. Don’t wait! Contact us today!

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

Locally owned and operated in Gainesville, FL, Maven Construction Group is a licensed general contractor, Angie’s List Certified Contractor, and is accredited and A-rated by the Better Business Bureau. Maven has delivered the best damage restoration and reconstruction services in North Central Florida for more than 15 years.

Certified General Contractor Lic # CGC1519003 Certified Mold Remediation Lic # MRSR2344