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Your kitchen is one of the main focal points in your home and is often the place where you and your family can get together to relax and share stories over a home-cooked meal. With more than 15 years in the renovation industry, Maven Construction Group is your go-to remodeling company in Gainesville, FL for your kitchen remodel.

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Before Remodeling Begins

Assess Wants & Needs

Before beginning the kitchen remodeling project, it is important to sit down and evaluate your wants and needs. We recommend creating a prioritized list of things you would like changed in your kitchen. You can even rank these by their importance to help you choose between those things you truly need to be changed versus those you want.

Remodel Reality Check

A kitchen is a very personal space and is one of the main rooms in your house that sees daily use. There are two main sections of a kitchen remodel — the work itself and the associated expenses. While the work is being done, you will have contractors and subcontractors going in and out of your home, making a lot of noise and mess over the course of weeks to maybe even months. Expenses also quickly pile up, so be sure to have a budget in mind and utilize your priority list to ensure everything you need done is completed first and within budget.

Benefits Of A Kitchen Remodel

There are many benefits to fully remodeling or even partially renovating your kitchen space. Get in touch with our remodeling team to start planning your dream kitchen renovation.

Enhance Comfort & Safety

When planning your remodel, something as simple as adding in a new kitchen island can make working in the kitchen that much easier and more enjoyable. Other features can help improve safety, such as installing slip-resistant flooring, which is perfect if you spill a lot of water when doing the dishes. Whether you’re updating outdated appliances or expanding available space, remodeling your kitchen can bring many benefits to your daily routine.

Reduced Utility Costs

Updating outdated appliances can help to reduce your home’s total energy costs. When choosing your upgraded appliances, make sure to look for any refrigerators and dishwashers that have an energy star label, which means that they are able to meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy efficiency standards.

Increased Home Value

Having your kitchen remodeled by an experienced contracting team can help increase the value of your home, and the remodel can help attract homebuyers if you are looking to sell your house. Maven Construction Group can help evaluate your home’s current value and see how much a kitchen remodel can help increase the value of your home.

Improved Functionality

One of the main reasons for a kitchen remodel is to add more room and space to improve its functionality. For example, adding more cabinetry is a great way to give you extra storage space, or you can even knock down a wall separating your kitchen from your living room and turn it into an open concept kitchen. Upgrading your lighting fixtures can also help to make your kitchen more functional as well as more visually appealing.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you are struggling to come up with ideas on what you want for your freshly remodeled kitchen. At Maven Construction Group, our Gainesville contractors can help you decide on some ideas and ensure that they are cost-effective and fit within your budget. Kitchen ideas can include some of our specialties below.

The Process

Before Maven Construction Group begins to renovate your kitchen, we can sit down with you to discuss your goals and style preferences to give you more personalized service. After this, we will take measurements of your kitchen and discuss items that can be remodeled. Depending on whether you are looking for a partial or full kitchen remodel, we will be able to help give your kitchen a completely new look. Contact us today to schedule your new kitchen remodel!