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Excess water is among your home’s worst enemies. From your home’s roof to your property’s landscaping, water runoff resulting from heavy rains, storms, and leaks, can cause expensive and extensive water damage, mold damage, and roof damage to your residential structure, among other types of property damage. Maven Construction Group details telltale signs of, potential consequences of, and solutions to poor water drainage. If you have property damage, work with our trusted reconstruction company — we offer a wide range of professional restoration services to help remediate the effects of unexpected disasters on your property.

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Signs Of Poor Water Drainage

The best way to determine whether your property has drainage issues is to contact our Gainesville restoration company for a water damage inspection. If you notice one or more of the following signs of poor drainage, be sure to contact us right away for prompt assistance.

  • Pooled water for extended periods of time
  • Water backing up into the building
  • Diseased and declining landscaping
  • Washout areas on the property
  • Sinkholes on or near the property
  • Uneven hardscapes or cracks in pavement
  • Exposed tree and plant roots
  • Depressions or low areas in landscaping
  • Accumulated silt on the property
  • Increased insect presence and activity

Consequences Of Poor Drainage

When it comes to excess water, even a small drainage issue can lead to big problems. As such, it’s imperative that any leaks or drainage issues are dealt with as early as possible. The longer you wait to address drainage issues, the more likely your property will experience water, mold, and structural damages, and the more costly and complex the remediation process will be. Don’t let small issues transform into a full-on disaster — contact Maven Construction Group!

Water Damage

One of the most significant consequences of poor water drainage is water damage. Whether it happens as a result of a natural disaster, broken pipe, slow leak, or water heater leak, excess water on your property is dangerous for the structural integrity of a home, the safety of its inhabitants, and the preservation of their belongings. The most common areas for water leak detection include the kitchen, bathroom, roof/ceiling, washing machine, and slab or foundation.

Common signs of water damage include mold or mildew; bucking or cracking in flooring; blistering or crumbling paint; musty smells; water spots; and bulge or concave in the ceilings or walls. If you notice any of these signs, contact us right away — we are happy to explain each step of the water damage restoration process and can help salvage your living space in the face of a disaster. We even offer emergency water removal services to help our residential and commercial customers throughout North Central Florida deal with unexpected disasters.


Any home or business property with water damage is likely to also have mold growing both within and outside the structure. Mold damage is a serious problem for properties throughout North Central Florida, due to regularly occurring hurricanes, heavy storms, persistent rains, and high winds. Mold can sometimes be tricky to identify right away, as hidden mold can lurk behind wallpaper or drywall, under carpets, behind furniture, or even above ceiling tiles.

Mold is both an indoor pollutant that diminishes indoor air quality as well as a cause of a number of different health problems, including respiratory conditions. Maven Construction Group offers comprehensive mold removal services to help homeowners and business owners alike protect their loved ones, employees, and properties from the harmful effects of mold.

Structural Damage

Pooled or standing water may even lead to damages in the structural foundation of a residential or commercial property. When exposed to damp conditions and excess water for extended periods of time, metal hardware, such as plumbing and piping, can corrode and become hazardous. Water from a storm, leak, or sprinkler system that stays pooled on the ground surrounding your property may eventually seep into the soil and cause serious structural issues for your property, including cracking and damage to the foundation.

If you notice pooled water from storm damage or any of the signs that indicate poor drainage on your property, it’s imperative that you contact an experienced restoration company for immediate assistance, as drainage issues will only become more severe over time. Don’t wait — contact us today.

How To Fix Water Drainage Issues

Not every drainage issue can be solved with the same solution. But our commercial and residential restoration team can work with you and help you identify the most effective option for effective water drainage based on the requirements of your household or business as well as the specific drainage requirements of your property.

Divert Excess Water & Install Drains

French drains and grading, for example, can help keep stormwater and irrigation runoff away from buildings and, instead, direct the excess water toward the desired location. Low-impact development techniques, such as bio-swales, infiltration planters, disconnected downspouts, splash basins, and green roofs can likewise help prevent water from damaging your property.

For areas that appear sunken or washed out, water can be diverted to an intended location using effective materials — such as riprap, rover slicks, stones, trees, plants, and grasses — to help prevent soil erosion and keep water off the property. Additionally, trench drains in walkways and other hardscaped areas can be installed to prevent water accumulation and damage.

Schedule Home Restoration Services

The most effective solution to fixing damage caused by poor drainage issues is with the help of experienced water damage contractors for efficient water removal and mold remediation, among other types of specialized, residential and commercial reconstruction services. No matter the issue on your property, Maven Construction Group specializes in all aspects of home and business damage remediation and property construction as well as new home construction. Solve reconstruction issues with the help of a company you can trust — get an estimate today.

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