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Nothing beats the luxury of having an indoor pool. Rain or shine, spa-like relaxation is just a quick dive away when you own a pool under your roof. But this convenience also comes at a cost. Just like with outdoor swimming pools, indoor pools require regular care and maintenance in order to prevent sanitation issues and ensure smooth water flow. Unlike outdoor pools, however, indoor pools also require care in the form of humidity control.

Learn more about the effects that uncontrolled humidity levels can have on your home, and how to spot humidity-related problems caused by your indoor pool. If you suspect your property has indoor pool humidity issues, contact Maven Construction Group right away to request a home restoration estimate.

Signs To Look Out For

Regardless of their size, every indoor pool needs a pool dehumidification system to effectively and safely remove moisture from the room. Without one, pool owners may experience some or all of the following issues anywhere inside their homes — not just the pool area. If you are thinking about building your dream pool home, contact our Gainesville contractors today to schedule new home construction services.


The most noticeable tell-tale sign that humidity is too high at your indoor pool is condensation. While the floor around an indoor pool is wet sometimes, moisture from the pool could travel farther through the air and eventually condensate on non-water-repellent surfaces and structures. Left unattended, these damp areas can become highly susceptible to water damage. Given enough time, the damage could also spread to other parts of the home. Be on the lookout for condensation on exterior walls, windows, ceilings, and skylights. If you suspect there is a problem, contact a home restoration technician right away.

Uncomfortable Environment

High humidity can make a room feel uncomfortably musty, which can make it harder to breathe. Damp air can also harbor germs and harmful particles, which can significantly impact the air quality inside your home. To prevent this, install a high-quality pool dehumidifier to circulate cooled air (low in moisture) downwards, towards the areas where residents breathe. As a general rule of thumb, maintain the air temperature inside the pool room at 2 degrees higher than the water temperature. This difference can help maintain low indoor humidity levels and improve air quality inside the home.


Without adequate ventilation, high humidity levels could allow mold to grow in areas surrounding your indoor pool and eventually in other areas around the house. Dampness and molding have both been linked to a wide array of health-related issues, including headaches, asthma, skin irritations, allergic reactions, and other serious respiratory problems. If you notice any signs of molding, it’s best to act sooner rather than later, as mold can spread quickly. Inspect all areas surrounding your indoor pool for signs of black, white, or green-colored mold. If you find any, contact us right away to schedule mold removal services.

Structural Damages

Humidity from indoor pools could also lead to damages in your home’s structural foundation. In particular, metal hardware, such as pipes, can corrode prematurely and become hazardous when they have been exposed to damp conditions for long periods of time. If you notice rusting on any surfaces near your indoor pool, there is a good chance the indoor humidity is too high. Without a working dehumidifier, moisture from the pool could even make its way to the roof. When inspecting for humidity issues, remember to check the surrounding rooms, roof, and foundation also. If you notice any roof damage, contact us right away to schedule a roof repair.

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Certified General Contractor Lic # CGC1519003 Certified Mold Remediation Lic # MRSR2344