Water Damage Inspection in Gainesville, FL

When you have water damage in your home or business, it’s natural to assume the warning signs will be obvious. However, water from a flood or on-going leak can disappear long before you realize there is an issue. Water damage inspection in Gainesville, FL from a reputable restoration company is the best way to identify water leaks, evaluate water damage, and find the right restoration solution for the area.
Maven Construction Group, a water damage restoration company in Gainesville, is available 24/7 for emergency water extraction and water damage inspections, and we even handle the restoration and reconstruction after extensive water damage to homes and businesses. Water damage moves fast, but so does our team! Contact us for water damage remediation you can count on. We also work directly with insurance companies to deliver accurate claims!

Why It’s Difficult to Detect Water Damage

It can be difficult at times to know if you have water damage. Water moves with stealth, seeping into crevices and any place it can. Water damage disasters can quickly get out of control due to hidden or concealed pockets of moisture that go undiscovered. Aside from pooling or trickling water, there are common signs your home or business may need a water damage inspection:


One of the first signs your home or business has water damage is a musty smell, sometimes described as smelling similar to wet cardboard. As the water-damaged area sits unrepaired, mold and mildew begin to grow, providing a malodorous telltale sign of water damage somewhere in your home or business.


Water damage causes discoloration to walls, floors and ceilings as the material begins to rot. The stain from leaking water can be brown, copper, or yellow, and may or may not be wet to the touch. Rust can sometimes signal water damage but more often indicates potential future problems with a water heater, pipes, and/or bathroom fixtures.

Texture Changes

Flooring often changes texture when it has been subjected to water damage.

  • Warping: Gaps between floorboards or curling at the edges are caused by changes in the surrounding temperature and humidity.
  • Buckling: Common in wood floors, one side of the wood becomes detaches from the substrate and faces upward or tents.
  • Sagging: As water seeps into the subflooring of all flooring material, it can cause the flooring above to sag. In hardwood floors, as wood begins to rot due to water damage, it will feel spongy or have soft spots.
  • Expansion: As wood and laminate flooring absorb too much water, the material swells, causing expansion before eventually separating.

Water Damage Effects on Home or Business

A water damage inspection will reveal the true effect of a water disaster on your home or business. One area may not be affected the same way a neighboring room may have been.

Structural Water Damage

Structural damage affects the core of your home, such as the roof and load-bearing walls. Leaning windows and door frames often signal structural weakness in a home or business. Floods weaken the structure by stressing metal fasteners and load-bearing beams, possibly causing them to buckle. Water damage contractors can tell you the extent of structural damage to the home or business through a water damage inspection.

Exterior Water Damage

Water damage in Gainesville, FL to the exterior of a building can be caused by improper landscape drainage or if the gutters don’t carry runoff water away from the home or business. Water that pools next to your home or business can seep inside, causing more damage. Also, a roof with damaged flashing and/or cracked, curled, or missing shingles is at risk for leaking, causing water damage to the interior.

Interior Water Damage

The interior can receive water damage from structural or exterior issues along with internal water leaks. Nearly any part of the interior could be affected by water damage depending on the source of the water leak. Leaking plumbing, shower pans and water lines can affect the interior walls, flooring and crawl spaces that you don’t typically see, while water leaks from appliances, showers, toilets, and around roofs, windows and doors often affect floors, ceilings and outer walls.

What To Do If You Find Water or Flood Damage

After the water has receded, there are several steps you can take to begin water damage restoration in Gainesville.

1. Turn off the power.

After a flood or water damage, electrical wiring and/or devices and appliances pose a risk of electrical shock. Even if the power to the home or business is off, it could surge when turned back on by the power company. Be sure to unplug nearby electrical appliances or devices, and turn off the breaker to the affected area.

2. Wear protective clothing before entering a damaged area.

Wildlife, such as snakes, reptiles, and rodents, can seek refuge during and following a flood. Take precautions against airborne contaminants with a vapor respirator and eye protection when in the area.

3. Call a water damage restoration company.

Maven Construction Group can quickly get control of an emergency flood or water leak and begin to salvage nearby items. We also provide storage services for your belongings while we restore the affected area.

How To Prevent Mold in a Water-Damaged Area

The key with preventing mold is time. The sooner you are able to drain any standing water and begin the drying and water damage restoration process, the less likely mold will develop. If possible, open windows and use fans to keep air circulating for business or residential water damage areas. Remove any items which you can see are not salvageable. Then, contact a mold assessment and mold removal company.

Professional Water Damage Inspections

When it comes to your home or business, safety is at the top of any list after water damage disasters in Gainesville. With years of experience and training, Maven Construction Group uses specialized equipment to efficiently and effectively diagnose commercial and residential water damage. A professional water damage inspection will give you peace of mind and a full picture of restoration and reconstruction following a flood or other water event. If your home or business is in need of an inspection, call our Gainesville water damage contractors today.

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