New Home Construction

New Home Construction in Gainesville, FL
Building a new home can be a long and stressful process with a lot of your money on the line if anything were to go wrong. That is why at Maven Construction Group, a new home construction company located in Gainesville, FL, we strive to provide you with quality services to make the construction process a breeze. Our Gainesville general contractor will work with you to make sure your dream home is built and will keep you involved through every step of the process so you may ease your worries.

Gainesville Home Building Process

Having a new home, especially one that is custom built for you, is an important moment that should call for celebration. We believe that the building process should be as exciting for you as it is for us and free of any unneeded stress and uneasiness. At Maven Construction Group, we do things differently to ensure a flawless home build and your utmost satisfaction. Contact us today for your new Gainesville home construction project.

Beginning Construction

At Maven Construction Group, we take care of the entire construction process for you to build your home from the ground up. Once your home site is excavated, all debris has been cleared from the lot, and the lot has been leveled to begin construction, we will pour the footers of your home. The footing is the thing upon which your home will rest and are placed under all the load-bearing parts of the foundation, such as the walls, columns, etc. Once that is complete, the foundation of your home will be set with concrete slab and framing will begin. Framing uses wood to essentially create the skeleton of your home and map out the floors, walls, doors, windows and roof. A solid frame is necessary to ensure the stability of your home, any error could lead to serious structural issues later on. At Maven construction Group, we are knowledgeable and up to date on the necessary building codes and will perform inspections to ensure the stability of your home’s framing.

Ins and Outs of the Home

Once the foundation of your new home is deemed stable and the framing is structurally error-free, the major structural work of your home will begin. This will include all the necessary exterior home finishes that serve to seal out the inside from the outside of the home, such as plywood and house wrap, to give the construction the shape of a house. With us, there is no need to go out of your way to hire separate necessary services to oversee fundamental parts in the construction process inside of the home. We will bring in our own electrical, mechanical and plumbing team to ensure a thorough construction and setup of all necessary heating and cooling units, plumbing lines and electrical systems. During this stage, we will also set up insulation in the home, drywall and roofing.

Final Steps

The final steps of your home construction involve turning it from an empty space of concrete, wood, drywall and wires into an actual livable, ready to move in home. This includes setting the flooring, fixtures, plugs and any other interior builds and finishes. This is often the time when homeowners feel the most excited as the construction of their new home is coming to completion and taking the shape of the designs they chose at the beginning of the project.

Construction Company in Gainesville, FL

At Maven Construction Company, we provide our clients with the highest quality services because we have knowledge and experience on proper building codes. We are a Gainesville restoration company and have seen, worked on, and repaired many home damages due to structural, electrical and plumbing issues. A poorly built home is susceptible to fire damage from faulty wiring, water and mold damage from bad plumbing, and future reconstruction from poor construction that could place you, your family and the integrity of your home in danger. Contact us today for an experienced general contractor in Gainesville, FL, you can trust for the construction of your new home.

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