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Preparing for Tropical Storms in Gainesville, FL

Hurricane season runs from June to November, and Florida cities on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts can be threatened by tropical weather. Florida is no stranger to tropical storms and because of the yearly recurrence, it is important to know how to prepare your home and business from possible damage.

Tropical Storm Preparation Tips for Your Property

The strong winds and heavy rains of tropical storms can lead to tree damage, roof damage, wind damage, water damage, mold damage and more. At Maven Construction Group, we specialize in tropical storm damage repairs and want you and your property to be ready for when tropical storm warnings for Gainesville occur.

Secure Your Roof

The roof of your home or property is the biggest potential opening on the property so it is highly important to inspect it prior to a tropical storm. Any cracked or missing shingles could leave an opening for water to seep in and cause water damage. This is especially dangerous when heavy rains are falling on your roof for multiple hours or days at a time.

Trim & Remove Trees

Many people don’t realize that the large, beautiful trees surrounding their home or business could be a potential danger during a tropical storm. Any loose branches or weak trees could be toppled over onto your property with strong enough winds, causing extensive damage. Before hurricane season, it is important to trim or remove all damaged trees and limbs.

Seal Windows & Doors

Over time, it is common for windows and doors to have damaged seals due to natural weather conditions. This is even more prominent in hot climates such as Florida’s. To avoid leaks and water damage that could potentially lead to mold in your home or business, you should check all the seals in your property and repair them if necessary. During tropical storms, it is very easy for rain to get in through damaged seals when it is blowing sideways.

Clear the Outdoors

Tropical storm winds can reach very high speeds, turning anything outside of your property that is not attached into a projectile that could damage your home or business. Before a tropical storm hits, clear any grills, lawn chairs, lawn ornaments, or any other things that could be picked up by winds and store them indoors. Be sure to close, disconnect and store any propane tanks around your property.

Sandbag Areas Subject to Flooding

If your property has any areas that are subject to flooding or are not properly sealed to stop high levels of water, use sandbags. Sandbags are a quick and relatively inexpensive way of creating a watertight barrier to prevent floods from entering your property.

Install Shutters

While you shouldn’t rely solely on shutters to keep your home or business protected during a tropical storm, you should definitely invest in them. Shutters can protect your windows and doors from any unforeseen debris that is picked up and thrown by the wind.

What to Do After the Storm?

Once the tropical storm is over, if you find that your home has suffered any damage be sure to contact Maven Construction Group. We are highly trained and experienced in all forms of tropical storm damage restoration, be it water damage, mold damage, or any other form of structural destruction to your property. Our professionals will secure your damaged property by providing structural support, clean up the external debris left behind by the storm and complete any necessary repairs and reconstruction. Contact us today for tropical storm damage remediation in Gainesville, FL, you can trust.

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

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