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Home and business owners dread being in a hurricane’s path. Of the damages caused by natural disasters, damages caused by hurricanes are often the most extensive. In the unfortunate event a hurricane has damaged your home or business, you’ll likely have questions when it comes time to begin restoration. Below, our Gainesville, FL, contractors share five of the most commonly asked questions we receive after a hurricane.

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What Should I Do If My Home Is Flooded After A Hurricane?

Homeowners shouldn’t enter their home if it contains standing water, as it could be dangerous. For example, electrical appliances or exposed wiring can make a flooded home extremely hazardous. Additionally, hurricane flood water is considered to be rife with bacteria, which can cause serious health issues to those exposed to it. Water extraction companies can help clear standing water around your home after a hurricane. Contact Maven Construction Group today to request emergency water extraction services!

Does Insurance Cover Hurricane Damages?

Every insurance policy will offer varying levels of coverage and unique protections. However, homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover hurricane damages in hurricane-prone areas such as Florida. Nonetheless, homeowners need to review their policies to double-check the scope of their coverages and identify any limitations.

Should I Wait To Hear From My Insurance Provider Before Beginning The Restoration Process?

After a hurricane, insurance providers are typically swamped with claims and overwhelmed by a high volume of calls. Additionally, most insurance providers understand homeowners won’t want to wait forever before beginning to restore and repair their property. As long as you understand the coverages provided by your insurance policy, contact a property restoration company as soon as possible after a hurricane.

Can Hurricane Damage Cause Mold?

Yes, hurricane damage can cause mold to grow around your property. Severe hurricane winds can cause openings in walls, roofs, windows, and other spots around your home that can let in water and cause mold growth in as little as twenty-four hours. Fortunately, we offer mold removal services to help protect your home and family.

What Services Does Maven Construction Group Offer?

We offer services for home and business owners who have been affected by hurricanes, including storm and wind damage repairs, water damage restoration, roof damage repair, mold removal services, and even assistance with insurance claims. Contact Maven Construction Group today to request a quote on any of our services!

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Certified General Contractor Lic # CGC1519003 Certified Mold Remediation Lic # MRSR2344