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It can be difficult to imagine the destruction that results from a fire. Whether in a commercial space or a residential building, even small fires can be devastating. Feeling overwhelmed or grief-stricken is entirely normal when you find yourself dealing with fire damage, including the actual fire, the damage caused by extinguishing the fire, and the potentially irreplaceable contents lost to the fire. After a fire, knowing what to do can be challenging. Our fire restoration specialists with Maven Construction Group discuss six important steps to take before and during the fire restoration process. These tips can help you protect your family, salvage your property, and restore your peace of mind as you go through the remediation process.

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Know Fire Remediation Takes Time

Fire remediation is a process that requires patience and time. This fact, coupled with the stress and trauma of experiencing a fire, can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and know that you are at the starting point of a process towards remediation and restoration. It’s important to take the time to experience any feelings you may have and grieve the loss of what was to process what happened and move forward. Each fire damage restoration project comprises multiple steps within an overall challenging process that often requires addressing any resulting water damage, mold damage, fire damage, and smoke damage. Understanding this from the outset is necessary to trust that you will eventually reach the finish line of the remediation process. Take one day at a time and focus on small, achievable tasks each day. Fire remediation seldom takes place all at once, so it’s important to remember that each step contributes to the greater goal.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

After a fire, the first thing you should do is ensure your family and loved ones are safe. Next, call 911, and after that, call your insurance agent. In most cases, insurance companies play a crucial role in helping facilitate the fire damage cleanup process through documentation and insurance claims. Your insurance agent can help take you through your post-fire living expenses as well as important details like emergency lodging. Your insurance company will also put you in touch with trusted general contractors, such as those with Maven Construction Group, who specialize in fire remediation and smoke damage repair. Request and keep physical copies of every agreement, including your property’s fire report, which you can obtain from your local fire department.

Find A Safe Place To Stay

No matter the extent of the fire damage or the size of the fire, if your home has a fire, you will need to find shelter elsewhere during the fire damage cleanup process. Smoke, soot, ash, and materials burned in the fire can pose serious health risks. In addition, many materials burned in the fire can become toxic and require professional removal for you to once again work or live within the structure. It’s likewise important to note that just because a damaged property may appear clean, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. So, while assessments of the fire damage are made, find a safe place to stay. This is particularly important during the first stages of fire damage remediation when professionals must adequately determine the extent of the damage and all the safety precautions are made. If you have pets, you must take them with you, as your fire-damaged property is just as toxic to your animals as it is to you and your family.

Secure Your Property

One of the first steps of fire damage restoration and remediation is securing your property. In most cases of a fire, a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the damage sustained to the property and your property from the fire. But once the fire is contained and put out, further damage to your property and theft may not be covered by your insurance policy. The majority of insurance policies require homeowners and business owners to ensure their property is sufficiently secured from the elements and other people. Avoid attempting to secure your property until the fire department gives you the go-ahead and before you leave home to stay elsewhere. This is another aspect of the fire damage cleanup process in which a reliable restoration company can provide invaluable help. Your insurance company can authorize Maven Construction Group to secure your property professionally, meeting all legal requirements.

Discard All Dangerous Items

Several elements make a fire extremely hazardous, including the flames and the ash, soot, and smoke residue left behind after the fire is put out. This is one of the numerous reasons professional fire cleanup is so important. During the cleanup process, however, another difficult aspect is distinguishing the items that can be salvaged from those that must be removed from the property and properly discarded. After a fire occurs, many things need to be discarded without exception: non-perishable foods, perishable foods, medications, cosmetics, and burned clothing, textiles, and fabrics. Never attempt to salvage belongings that could expose you and your family to harmful soot and toxins from the fire. To be safe, we advise you to stick by the motto, “when in doubt, throw it out!”

Handle Debris With Caution

Depending on the homeowner policy, your insurer may pay to remove any debris following a fire on your property. Be sure to check with your insurance agent to determine how your policy handles fire-related debris management. In all cases of fire damage, always handle ash and burned debris with extreme caution, as they may contain carcinogens and pose a great danger to health. The most effective method for handling debris after a fire is to allow fire damage restoration specialists to take care of it. Maven Construction Group handles all aspects of fire restoration and remediation, so you can get back into your property with the confidence that it is safe and professionally restored to its original condition.

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

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