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A reality of living in Florida is being prepared for a water-damage emergency. The causes of water damage can come from inside and outside, and the effects can be costly. One way to mitigate those costs is with emergency water damage clean-up services. As a restoration specialist, Maven Construction Group Inc. outlines the remediation process for a water-damaged property after an emergency.

Water-Damage Emergencies In Gainesville

Water-damage emergencies stem from natural and human causes. Rainfall during a tropical storm or hurricane can produce enough surface water to inundate the floors of buildings. Meanwhile, a plumbing emergency, such as a burst pipe or ruptured water heater, can create a similar level of water damage. In Gainesville, FL, water damage restoration technicians follow the same process for all water-damage emergencies.

Inspection & Leak Detection

For technicians in water damage inspection is the first phase of the restoration process as they determine what caused the damage. If a leak is responsible, the team locates the source and stops it. It’s advisable to contact a restoration company such as Maven Construction Group before calling a plumber. Our technicians are skilled at locating water leaks, resolving the issue, and restoring the area. Should plumbers be needed, we can make the call and have the repairs included.

After the influx of water has ceased, the restoration team evaluates the situation based on the extent of the damage and the levels of water contamination. Using that information, they then devise a plan-of-action for the water extraction. Inspections have to be quick and thorough to limit the extent of property damage. That’s why hiring experienced restoration specialists who are all business is important.

Water Removal

Emergency water extraction is the second step in the restoration process.

Restoration Process

Water extraction allows the restoration specialists to see the full extent of the damage. The scope of water damage repairs can vary. Sometimes a property can be fully restored with new flooring and paint. Other properties require extensive renovations or even a ground-up reconstruction. Restoration specialists can estimate the extent and cost of restorations after a water-damage emergency. Some restoration companies can also help with insurance claims and property-damage inspections.

Drying Techniques

An area with water damage needs to dry quickly. Mold, wood warps, and other signs of damage can form within hours of sustained water exposure. A building can also face structural issues if water seeps into the subfloors. Therefore, restoration teams use many technologies to dry a water-damaged space. Powerful air movers and dehumidifiers eliminate moisture from entire rooms. Meanwhile, moisture detectors, hygrometers, and infrared cameras check for water invisible to the human eye.

Extraction Methods

Submersible pumps are the remedy for deep standing water. These devices use compression to pump water through a hose to a designated receptacle. When the water is too shallow for a pump, technicians use industrial wet/dry vacuums to soak up the rest. These portable vacuums have special attachments to extract water from carpet fibers, floor cracks, and other hard-to-reach places.

Florida Water Damage Restoration

If you experience a water-damage emergency at your Florida home or business, Maven Construction Group Inc. can help. Our restoration company performs full-scale water damage clean-up in Gainesville and beyond. The process we follow includes a careful inspection, water extraction, and restoration. Whether the cause of water damage was natural flooding or a plumbing emergency, we’ll restore your property to its prior appearance and condition. To learn more about water-damage restoration, contact Maven Construction Group Inc.

Trusted, Experienced Professionals

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