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The bathroom is a necessity for any home but is often overlooked when it comes to repairs and upgrades. From faucets that don’t turn to cracked tiles, leaky toilets to low shower pressure, if a bathroom doesn’t fulfill its function, it can be a source of daily frustration. Our bathroom remodeling contractors have over 15 years of experience using quality materials, craftsmanship, and design to deliver exceptional renovations throughout the home.Ready to make your dream bathroom a reality? Contact us today to request a quote or to learn more about our home remodeling services!


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Benefits Of A Bathroom Renovation

There are many benefits when it comes to a bathroom renovation — from custom storage solutions that make a small bathroom more user-friendly to fixture and plumbing upgrades that ensure efficiency, and more. Check out all of the benefits of a bathroom renovation.

Much-Needed Updates

If you purchased or inherited an older home, you may not be entirely in love with your bathrooms. Older homes often have garish colors on the walls, questionable tiling choices, and hideous cabinetry and shelving. But beyond the aesthetics, older fixtures such as faucets, toilets, and showerheads are more likely to be worn down and not work as well as they once did. A bathroom renovation can replace these points of concern, making your bathroom work as smooth as it looks.

Repairs & Functionality

Any room with plumbing can be prone to issues over time as the pipes and fixtures age. And these repairs can be tricky, sometimes requiring under the floor or behind the wall access. A bathroom renovation provides the perfect time to conduct repairs since everything will be in an upheaval anyways. Additionally, we can install newer components that will not only function better but can save you money on utility bills.

Better Layout & Storage

Homeowners often complain that their bathrooms are too cramped, but that usually has more to do with the layout than the actual space. Today, we have tricks and custom solutions to maximize the use of space, including shelving, cabinetry, bathroom sink vanities, drawer organizers, and more. We can work within any given space to create a more natural layout that utilizes vertical space, giving you more room to do your business in.

Increased Safety

A bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that every year, about 235,000 people over age 15 go to the emergency room due to injuries incurred in the bathroom. Precautions such as ensuring tiling is even, installing safety bars, and providing proper drainage can all help make your bathroom a safer place.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

No matter what your bathroom renovation ideas are, we’ll work with you to make them come true! With years of experience creating custom solutions, our home remodelers are experts at creating beautiful spaces for homeowners. Check out some of the potential renovation ideas below and contact us today to get started!

The Process

During our consultation, we’ll sit down with you to discuss all of your ideas and goals to ensure that we understand and can deliver them without fail. We’ll then assess the space to ensure everything we discussed can be accomplished and give some feedback of our own. Once all of the details have been hammered out, we’ll get started! At Maven Construction Group, we provide reliable quotes and timeframes so you know what to expect during your home renovation project. Contact us today to get started!