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An overflowed toilet, burst pipe, sewer backup, or windows broken during a storm all have one thing in common — water damage. Silent yet destructive, water damage is frequently dismissed as not that big of a deal by people. But, it quickly becomes a big deal when the structural integrity and safety of a home or business is in jeopardy. No matter the cause, Maven Construction Group shares three things you should do — and three you shouldn’t do after water damage in your home or business.

Three Things You Should Do After Water Damage

1. Turn Off The Power

Whether an isolated room or the entire structure, the first thing to do is turn off the power. However, if reaching the power source requires you to come into contact in a wet area, exit the area and call an electrician. A professional electrician will have the equipment and tools to turn off the power without the risk of electrocution.

2. Wear Protective Clothing If Entering A Flooded Area

Long sleeves, long pants, rubber gloves, sturdy rubber boots, and a vapor respirator are necessary when entering a flooded room or structure. If the water source is from a sewer backup or natural floods, such as from a tropical storm or hurricane, appropriate clothing is required to protect yourself from chemicals and contaminants present in the water. Keep in mind certain animals may also seek refuge inside in flood waters. Exercise the buddy system and have another person with you when entering a flooded area.

3. Call Water Damage Contractors

Maven Construction Group stands apart from other water restoration companies in Gainesville, Florida, because our work begins as soon as you call. Our team follows a comprehensive six-step restoration process that efficiently and effectively repairs the damage caused by a water source, no matter where the water came from. We understand the stress and uncertainty that water damage brings. We work diligently to make sure your property and life is quickly restored to normal.

Three Things You Shouldn’t Do With Water Damage

1. Ignore The Damage

This easily could be the worst thing you do after residential water damage. Water damage can affect all parts of a home or business with some effects not manifesting until weeks or months later. If you see watermarks on the ceiling and/or walls or find soft spots in the floors and/or walls, the areas have had or currently have water damage. A professional water damage inspection in Gainesville is necessary for areas of water damage and should be performed as soon as possible.

2. Enter Any Room With Sagging Ceilings

Sagging ceilings can collapse at any moment. This also applies to walls and flooring that are visibly bowed and/or warped from an even plane. Before entering any room, carefully assess the structural soundness and when in doubt, stay out of the room. Water damage contractors, such as Maven Construction Group, know how to adequately, safely brace and reinforce a weakened ceiling until the area can be repaired or replaced.

3. Try Your Hand At Emergency Water Removal

A wet/dry vac can be beneficial for minor water damage incidents, such as a water heater overflow cleanup. The wet/dry van may be able to remove some water but remember that even small amounts of water can quickly render a floor or walls unsound. Err on the side of caution and call Maven Construction Group instead.

About Water Damage Inspections

The first thing Maven Construction Group does after arriving at your home or business is a water damage inspection. Our team uses a variety of tools, including moisture meters and scope cameras, to find hidden moisture pockets. Understanding the moisture levels allow our inspection experts know where to apply our water removal services and concentrate drying efforts. Water damage can be overwhelming but Maven Construction Group works to make it an afterthought. Schedule a water damage inspection today!

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