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In Florida, water damage can happen at any time and to any home. Of all the possible outcomes, water damage to personal belongings is among the most frustrating. At Maven Construction Group Inc., we’ve seen every scenario imaginable while performing water damage repairs in Gainesville. Based on our experiences, we’ve compiled these tips to protect the items in your home from water damage.

Move Items Away From Common Water Leaks

In the course of a water damage inspection, our technicians may encounter one of several common water leaks. If you know where leaks happen in a home, you can move your belongings away from these areas to prevent water damage.

Under The Sink

Pipes often leak from loose joints (where they connect or bend). By being careful where you put items under the sink, you can keep them out of the path of drips or leaks. But just in case, it’s best to not store valuables under the sink.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are prone to intermittent water leaks from their temperature and pressure relief (T&P) valves. It’s also not uncommon for water heaters to be located inside of closets, meaning they are tucked away from sight but that water leaks may not be immediately noticed.

Don’t set items on the ground in the closet or close to a water heater that could become damaged after a bad leak. If storage space is limited in your home and you need to store items in the same area as the water heater, try to put belongings only in high parts of the closet, such as shelves.

Burst water heaters cause severe leaks that require emergency water damage clean-up. A faulty thermostat, loose fitting, or interior corrosion all could cause a water heater to burst. But no matter the reason, the result is always bad for nearby belongings. The average water heater holds around 50 gallons, which is enough water to flood a small room and damage items on the floor. If your water heater bursts, call immediately for emergency water extraction services to limit the damage.

Waterproof Your Key Belongings

You can’t always predict when water damage will happen, but you can prepare for it. With a few low-cost products, you can waterproof and preserve key belongings in your home.

Ziplock Bags

When sealed, plastic ziplock bags are waterproof to intruding moisture as well as when submerged by water. These bags are also available in sizes large enough to fit most items found in cabinets, desks, and drawers. But valuables are one of the critical items to protect with ziplock bags. Water corrodes jewelry, watches, and small electronics. By sealing these valuables in ziplock bags, you can protect their condition and value.

Plastic Bins Vs. Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the go-to storage method for items in closets, garages, and attics. But cardboard is a material that absorbs moisture. When exposed to water, a cardboard box does not protect its contents from water damage. As evidence, after a hurricane or severe plumbing leak, water-soaked cardboard boxes often add hours of work to emergency water damage clean-up efforts. Instead of cardboard boxes, a better option is plastic bins with resealable lids. These containers are water-resistant and can withstand severe weather.

How To Deal With Water Damage

Not all water damage is avoidable. But you can limit the extent of damage by immediately calling in a water damage restoration company. After a detailed water damage inspection, restoration technicians identify the source of the leak (and stop it, if necessary). Next, they extract the water and dry the room with industrial-strength vacuums and dehumidifiers. The technicians inventory any items that have water damage for an insurance claim. And they clean, deodorize, and put into storage the belongings that survived. Finally, remediation specialists devise and execute a plan to restore the building to its original condition.

Water Damage Restoration Services

As long as you store items in waterproof containers and away from common areas of water leaks, water damage doesn’t have to befall your belongings. But if water damage does happen to your property, Maven Construction Group Inc. can carry out restoration efforts. From slow leaks to indoor flooding, we have the team and tools to remediate water damage on any scale. When the process ends, we’ll have brought your home or business back to its previous condition. Our team can also inventory, clean, and store your personal effects as well as help with insurance claims.

For more information about our water damage remediation services, contact Maven Construction Group Inc.

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