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Of all the features in a household, among the most important is the bathtub. Aesthetically, a tub defines the look of the bathroom. It also plays a critical role in human hygiene. But, no tub is meant to last forever. In fact, there are several compelling reasons to replace tubs. Below, Maven Construction Group Inc. outlines the top five.

1. Mold & Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew are surface fungi that depend on moisture for survival. The humid climate in Gainesville can cause water damage that makes mold damage restoration necessary for many bathrooms. But mold and mildew can also grow organically in older bathtubs. They appear slimy, grimy, and unappealing, and make the tub unsanitary for use.

Cosmetic issues aside, the greatest risk from mold and mildew is to human health. After exposure to bathtub fungi, humans may experience allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and even depression and nervous-system disorders. Upon spotting mold or mildew, call a company that offers mold remediation that residents can trust. An inspection follows, and if the mold is too embedded to remove, you should replace the tub.

2. Tub Body Leaks

Because they cause puddles of water on the floor, leaks in the body of a bathtub are easy to notice, but the sources can be more difficult to pinpoint. One do-it-yourself (DIY) method of leak detection is to wipe dry the outer walls of the tub and then attach newspapers. When the bath is full, any wet spots on the paper indicate leaks. A few small leaks can be repaired with spray gel coat. But if the bathtub has several leaks, it may be cheaper to replace a tub than repair it.

3. Drain Leaks

One of the most common reasons for water damage repairs in Gainesville is a bathtub drain that leaks at the edges. The water tends to accumulate beneath the tub, so these leaks often go unnoticed for long periods of time. The volume of water that leaks out is usually small, but over time, the water can penetrate the bathroom floor and weaken the subfloor. The leak itself is fixable with a liquid sealant. But to restore the floor, the tub must be removed.

4. Cracks & Chips

Bathtubs are made of different materials, each of which is susceptible to some type of damage. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) is the least expensive material. But FRP tubs can easily crack and leak water. Meanwhile, porcelain and stone tubs are more luxurious. But these materials can chip with age and feel uncomfortable against the skin. Replacing a tub with cracks or chips makes sense to prevent water damage and enhance your bathing experience.

5. Larger Water Damage Restoration

After a plumbing emergency or storm-related flooding, a home may require a large-scale water damage restoration. In most cases, a homeowners insurance claim pays for remediations to the qualifying property. These are an opportunity to make additional modifications to the bathroom. If you have an unattractive or dirty tub, consider an upgrade during a home restoration. A new bathtub not only boosts the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom; it also raises the home’s resale value.

How To Upgrade A Bathtub In Gainesville

If a bathroom needs water damage repairs or mold remediation because of a bathtub-related issue, Maven Construction Group Inc. can help. Our Gainesville restoration company cleans up and restores homes to the condition they were in before misfortunes happened. We’re also experts in construction services. Whether you need a bathtub, bathroom floor, or an entire portion of your house replaced after a natural or human-made disaster, count on us. We have the tools and knowledge to make your home fully habitable again.

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