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A property fire can be devastating, both physically and emotionally. Besides the damage to the structure of your home or business, you could also lose personal effects or company assets. And without a plan-of-action, recovering from these losses can be more difficult. At Maven Construction Group Inc., we’ve helped many residents with fire damage reconstruction in Gainesville. If your home or business has been damaged by a fire, contact us right away. We can help you recover, remediate and store viable belongings during reconstruction.

Contact a Gainesville Fire Damage Restoration Company

After a fire, the costs of property damage may be covered in part or full by a homeowners or commercial property insurance policy. But fire damage claims can be complex. If done incorrectly, a claim could produce less money for restorations than you actually need. For that reason, the first call to make after a fire should be to a fire damage restoration company.

Restoration specialists often deal with insurers, so we know what it takes to process a claim successfully for fire damage. It’s important that you inform your insurance provider about the situation before you start cleaning or rebuilding after a fire, but the claims process is much easier to navigate with a restoration specialist by your side.

Self-Funding Restoration Company

Claims for fire damage can take a long time to process. As a result, many Florida house fires remediation projects end up on hold until the funds to rebuild become available. One workaround is hiring a restoration company that self-funds its restoration projects. Under such an arrangement, the restoration team starts on the fire damage remediation process before the insurance money is paid out. In the meantime, the company deals with the provider on the claim directly.

We self-fund our fire remediation projects at Maven Construction Group Inc. And based on our experience, property owners prefer this arrangement. Not only does it allow them to return to their homes and businesses faster, but they also have less hassle over insurance claims.

Find Temporary Shelter

Once you have determined a fire damage remediation plan with your restoration specialists, you’ll need to find temporary shelter until the work is complete if your home is not habitable in its current condition. Most property insurance plans cover the costs of hotels and similar lodgings. As part of the claim, make sure that you keep receipts for everything related to the recovery.

You’ll also want to remain in close contact with the remediation specialists. They can provide practical advice as well as offer a timeline as to when your home or business will be habitable again. Realistic expectations for when you’ll be able to return to normal life can help you stay grounded and focused during a fire recovery.

Clean & Store Belongings

In the time after a fire, you’ll need to take an inventory of your items. Damaged items should be documented with pictures and descriptions. That information should then be relayed to the insurance company for your claim. Many of your belongings may have survived but are covered in soot and smoke. These should be cleaned and then packed away for storage before the full-scale property restoration efforts begin. For help with taking inventory and other tasks, turn to Maven Construction Group Inc. We can clean, pack, and store your belongings as part of our fire remediation services.

Demolition & Reconstruction

The extent of the fire damage determines whether a building needs demolition and reconstruction. In cases where damage is superficial, the extent of fire damage remediation may only extend to smoke removal as well as new drywall, paint, and flooring. But when a fire compromises the structural integrity of a building, a complete teardown and rebuild may be necessary. There are ways to keep the total costs of fire remediation in check. One cost-saving measure is to hire a restoration company that handles all of the work itself, from clean-up to reconstruction.

Fire Damage Remediation In Gainesville

Fire recovery can be a difficult road to go down, but Maven Construction Group Inc. can help make the transition easier with full fire damage restoration. Our company has helped countless Gainesville residents restore their homes and businesses after fires and similar kinds of misfortunes. From clean-ups to complete rebuilds, our remediation teams will do everything to return your home or business to its previous condition. We also work side-by-side with you to handle claims for property damage. And we self-fund projects, so you don’t have to wait on insurance payouts just to start remediation efforts.

To learn more about fire remediation and other restoration services, contact Maven Construction Group Inc. today!

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