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With Hurricane Michael projected to arrive in North Central Florida over the next couple of days, we know that many residents are looking for ways to protect their properties and families from harm and prepare for hurricane season. As disaster restoration specialists, we want to offer our expertise to help you prepare. We’ve gathered 11 key steps to prevent storm damage and handle emergency situations to help you stay safe and secure this weekend.

Track The Hurricane’s Progress

Stay tuned to local forecasts, storm warnings, and hurricane trackers. By following the hurricane’s progress, you can make an informed decision of whether to evacuate your property, if necessary. Be ready to make this decision if you live in an area that could be flooded. If you live in a prefabricated house that isn’t sturdy enough to stand up to the wind, you should evacuate early to avoid the rush.

Clear Weak & Dead Tree Limbs Near The Property

Loose branches pose a significant danger during high winds, which can blow them down and cause damage to your property. Make sure to dispose of any branches in a closed container.

Secure & Clear Out The Gutters

Hurricanes and tropical storms typically bring heavy rain. Providing clear drainage will help prevent misdirected flooding. Securing loose gutters and downspouts will also prevent them from being whipped out of place by winds.

Shut & Secure The Windows & Doors

This will help protect against strong winds and rain, keeping the storm outside and preventing water damage and mold. Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for windows. A second option, though not a last-minute one, is to board up windows with 5/8” exterior grade or marine plywood, cut to fit and ready to install. If you haven’t done this already, be sure to put it on your list in preparation for future storms. Don’t forget to secure any outside shed or garage doors as well.

Clear The Yard, Porches & Patio

Make sure to safely store any outdoor furniture, grills, trash cans, bird feeders, hanging plants, kids’ toys – anything that high winds can pick up and use as a projectile. Playhouses, storage sheds, or any other outdoor structures should be anchored securely. If they are not already secured to a permanent foundation, you can use straps and ground anchors to keep them in place.

Locate Gas Pilots & Water Mains

You will need to be able to find these and know how to safely shut off your utilities.

Take Photos Or Videos Of The Interiors & Exteriors

For insurance claims, it’s important to create a record of your personal property, both inside and outside of the structure. This will help assist adjusters in case you need to file a claim. You can also create an itemized list of your furniture, clothing, and other valuables.

Find & Secure Important Documents & Insurance Policies

If you don’t have time to access a safe deposit box, try to use a watertight box or make sure your documents are backed up online. If you plan on riding out the storm in your home, make sure you have a “safe room” inside the house.

Put Together A Disaster Supply Kit

This kit should include a flashlight, batteries, cash, first aid supplies, non-perishable ready-to-eat foods, and copies of any critical information if you need to evacuate.

Charge Your Cell Phone Ahead Of Time

The worst time to run down your battery is mid-storm, after your home has lost power. If possible, purchase a wireless cellular battery bank to keep your cell phone charged should the power go out.

Know Your Local Emergency Service Providers

In case of extensive damage to your home during a storm, it’s important to learn ahead of time who will be available to help. Look for restoration company who specialize in damage restoration and provides all-hours service. Maven Construction Group provides these services throughout the greater Gainesville, FL, region, and can be reached 24/7.

For further information as you plan for Hurricane Michael, please see the following emergency preparedness and response resources.

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