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Inspect These Areas Before Buying or Investing

Buying or investing in commercial real estate can be exhilarating or nerve-racking depending on your due diligence. Having key areas of the property inspected before finalizing the transaction is a great way to prevent unpleasant surprises and reap the property’s benefits from the get-go. But if an inspection reveals water or mold damage, don’t panic. Maven Construction Group is the water damage restoration company Gainesville residents can rely on. Our team can restore the property to its pre-damage condition without affecting your investment. Call us today!


The roof of a commercial property plays an integral role in its overall structural integrity. Whether you’re the one inspecting the roof or have hired a professional, here are four things to examine:

Roof Structure

An uneven roof plane and signs of sagging usually indicate an issue with the trusses or framing. The soffit, fascia, and gutter system should also be examined.

Roof Material

Loose or missing shingles, missing flashing and/or fasteners, and rust or moss growth are considered material issues. Make note if the rubber seals around vent pipes have gaps or are deteriorating. Different materials used to cover roofs show wear and tear in distinct ways.

Roof Interior

Areas under the roof are where most signs of trouble with it — such as mold, rot and water stains — show up. Inspect the ceilings, walls and attic (if there is one).

Roof Workmanship

The quality of the roof’s original construction and any subsequent repairs can be indicative of the roof’s likelihood to develop leaks. Improper flashing around vent pipes, skylights and/or chimneys is usually a red flag.

Exterior/Interior Walls

Exterior walls deal with inclement weather. When they’re weakened, interior walls can suffer.  Signs of damage differ depending on the kind of material used for the exterior:

While the walls are being inspected, it’s a great time to check the doors and windows. Doors should open and close easily and be properly aligned with their frames. The glass, thresholds and weatherstripping on windows should be crack- and damage-free.


The plumbing system of Gainesville commercial real estate for sale should be inspected by a professional. Here are a few signs of trouble in this area:

HVAC System

The state of the property’s HVAC system hints at how much money new owners would have to invest in maintenance and repairs. Like a residential HVAC system, a commercial system should be inspected by a trained and certified professional twice a year. Regular maintenance increases the likelihood of systems working at peak efficiency and lasting many years without costing a fortune to repair and replace prematurely.


The grounds and landscape surrounding a commercial property can influence the need for mold or water damage restoration. Does water from rain and/or irrigation drain toward the building or away? If it runs toward the building, the structure could require water extraction services and be at risk of a number of issues, including:

Mold Detection

While you might keep an eye out for mold during general inspections, it’s a good idea to also hire a mold detection company such as Maven Construction Group to inspect the entire property separately. If any mold is present, which is likely in areas with a tropical climate like Florida, you’ll want to find the source and get rid of it as soon as possible. Our mold remediation digs behind drywall and other behind-the-scenes areas to permanently remove mold and mildew.

Water Damage Restoration in Gainesville, FL

If the commercial real estate you’re thinking of buying or investing in needs water damage or mold remediation, Maven Construction Group has you covered. We focus on resolving issues quickly without sacrificing quality. You want the property to earn years of return on investment, and so do we. Call Maven Construction Group today to leave water and mold damage behind!

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