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Getting rid of mold growth in any part of your home is a hassle, but it can be especially troublesome to remove from dark, damp, moisture-rich areas where mold thrive, such as the bathroom. Gainesville mold damage restoration can be inconvenient and time-consuming, so it’s smart to take preventive measures and regularly inspect the house for signs of potential trouble.

5 Tips For Preventing Bathroom Mold

Bathroom mold is one of the most common problems that affects homes, but can be remedied with the right tips. Maven Construction Group provides five tricks for keeping your bathroom mold-free all year long.

Increase Ventilation

The main cause of mold growth in bathrooms is the constant, regular presence of moisture. Since most bathrooms are not well ventilated, wet surfaces that retain moisture become ideal homes for mold colonies. Steam can cause paint and wallpaper to bubble, form wet spots and encourage mold growth. Restoration experts recommend keeping bathroom humidity below 55 percent to avoid mold growth on walls and ceilings. A bathroom fan should be installed and allowed to run during the shower and about thirty minutes afterwards, to draw out excess moisture.

Fix Bathroom Clogs

When drains and pipes are clogged and prevent water from flowing properly, mold can start to grow and spread. To clean mold from pipes, scrub them as far as you can reach with a brush and pour mold-killing solution down them. If your toilet, sink or bathroom drain is clogged, contact a plumber to remove the blockages right away to avoid excess water from lingering and mold from growing in them.

Spot Hidden Water Leaks

Hidden water leaks in walls, ceilings and floors can lead to disaster if they go unfixed. Leaks or bursts in pipes create perfect conditions for mold growth in bathroom walls and floors. It’s important to check that pipes are sealed properly. To spot leaks, inspect spaces under cabinets, on walls, and floors for dark spots, dampness, loose tiles, moist floorboards and bubbling in walls, as these can be signs of leakages. When you spot a leak in your bathroom, call the plumber right away to avoid further water damage. Leaving leaks unfixed will only make things worse, especially if mold begins to grow, requiring professional mold removal in Gainesville.

Wash Rugs & Towels Often

Bathroom rugs, bath mats and towels are ideal spots for mold to grow, especially if these go unwashed for long period of time. To remedy this, be sure to wash your towels and bathroom rugs at least once a week. It’s useful to have a second set of bathroom linens available for when used linens are being cleaned. Ensuring you have clean bathroom linens means a cleaner and overall healthier bathroom

Clean Surfaces Regularly

Invest time in regular bathroom cleaning to prevent problems down the line. After showering, spray surfaces with shower cleaner containing bleach or another mold and mildew fighting agent. Make a plan to clean your shower or bath at least once a week to ensure these surfaces stay mold-free. For other moisture-rich surfaces, such as bathroom floors, sinks and toilets, set a few minutes aside every few days to spray them with cleaner, scrub them down and remove moisture.

How to Spot Mold Growth

Regular cleaning, proper ventilation and keeping your home leak-free can help you keep mold at bay. But what should you do if mold has already begun to grow? To decide if a home requires professional mold remediation Gainesville, FL residents should check for these signs of water damage:

Expert Mold Removal in Gainesville, FL

It can be costly and time consuming to remove mold from walls, ceilings, floors and bathroom fixtures, especially if it spreads. If you spot bathroom mold or water leaks, contact a mold inspector in Gainesville, FL at Maven Construction Group before the situation becomes worse. Because disaster can strike at any time, our team is available 24/7 for emergency situations. Call us today!

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