Preparing for Tropical Storms in Gainesville, FL

Tropical Storm Preparation

Properties on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of Florida are often in the dangerous path of tropical weather during Hurricane Season. With its extensive experience in home restoration, home reconstruction, water damage inspection, water damage restoration, and storm damage restoration, Maven Construction Group’s offers tips for preparing your Gainesville home or business for the coming storms.

Tropical Storm Preparation Tips for Your Property

The strong winds and heavy rains of tropical storms can lead to tree damage, roof damage, wind damage, water damage, mold damage and more! At Maven Construction Group, we specialize in tropical storm damage repairs and want you and your property to be ready for when tropical storm warnings for Gainesville occur.

Secure Your Roof

The roof of your home or property is the biggest potential opening on the property so it is highly important to inspect it prior to a tropical storm. Any cracked or missing shingles could leave an opening for water to seep in and cause water damage. This is especially dangerous when heavy rains are falling on your roof for extended periods of time.

Trim & Remove Trees

Many people don’t realize that the large, beautiful trees surrounding their home or business could be a potential hazard during a tropical storm. Any loose branches or weak trees could be toppled by strong winds, causing extensive damage. Before hurricane season, it is important to trim or remove all damaged trees and limbs.

Seal Windows & Doors

Over time, it is common for windows and doors to have damaged seals due to natural weather conditions. This is even more prominent in hot climates. To avoid leaks and water damage that could potentially lead to mold in your home or business, you should check all the seals in your property and repair them if necessary. During tropical storms, it is very easy for rain to enter through damaged seals.

Clear the Outdoors

Tropical storm winds can reach very high speeds, overturning anything outside on your property that is not secured, which could damage your home or business. Before a tropical storm hits, store or secure any grills, lawn chairs, lawn ornaments, or any other items and décor that could be picked up by winds. Be sure to close, disconnect and store any propane tanks around your property.

Sandbag Areas Subject to Flooding

If your property has any areas that are subject to flooding or are not properly sealed to stop high levels of water, use sandbags. Sandbags are a quick and relatively inexpensive way of creating a watertight barrier to prevent floods from entering your property.

Install Shutters

While you shouldn’t rely solely on shutters to keep your home or business protected during a tropical storm, you should definitely invest in them. Shutters can protect your windows and doors from any unforeseen debris that is picked up and thrown by the wind.

What to Do After the Storm

Once the tropical storm is over, if you find that your home has suffered any damage, be sure to contact Maven Construction Group. We are highly trained and experienced in all forms of tropical storm damage restoration, be it water damage restoration, mold damage remediation or any form of structural reconstruction needed to your property. Our professionals will secure your damaged property by providing structural support, clean up the external debris left behind by the storm and complete any necessary repairs and reconstruction. Trust Maven for tropical storm damage remediation in Gainesville, FL.

What Homeowners Should Know About Water Damage

waterdamageWhat You Should Know About Water Damage

Finding out that there is water damage in your home can be a nightmare. Water damage cleanup is often expensive, depending on the extent of damage it can take a good amount of time before it is all repaired, and it can destroy valuable personal items that cannot be replaced. Water damage can happen in an instant from a burst pipe or it can happen quietly over time which makes it all the more difficult to discover. When it comes to water damage and taking the necessary steps to repair the effects of it, homeowners are usually plagued with questions. At Maven Construction Group, we provide storm damage restoration in Gainesville, FL, along with water removal services and share with you important information all homeowners should know about water damage in their homes.

Residential Water Damages

Don’t Wait to Have Water Damage Repaired

When it comes to water damage Gainesville, FL, homeowners face, the longer you wait, the worse it will get. That is why it is highly important that you look for restoration experts as soon as you’re aware of your problem. Apart from water seeping deeper into your home’s foundation, ruining belongings and even flooding an area in your home, there are secondary damages. Secondary damages occur when mold begins to grow in the affected area. It only takes about 48 hours from the time something gets wet until it starts to grow mold. After that, mold can spread at a vary rapid pace and cause health risks in your home. Mold damage restoration can be costly and it is work added on top of the water damage restoration needed, so don’t put it off.

Polluted Water

Not all water damage that occurs comes from clean water. Sometimes polluted water can be the one that leaks creating health risks. Pollution from water is categorized into three levels. Category one means that the water came from a clean source such as pipes and won’t cause any illness. Category two means that the water contains bacteria and could possibly cause illness if exposed for too long. Category three means that the water came from a highly contaminated source, such as from the sewage, and can cause severe illness or even death. If water sits for too long in your home, even category one water could potentially become contaminated. Never interact with water causing water damage in your home and instead contact a professional.

Water Damage & Insurance

Most people believe that water damage is covered by their insurance and while it may be true, it doesn’t mean that it covers all types of water damage. Flooding, for example, is usually not covered in the average insurance plan. To avoid any issues with insurance if you experience water damage, see what is covered under your plan and what is not. This will also help you file the correct claim so that it isn’t delayed.

Common Areas to Find Water Damage

Knowing where and how to look for water damage may be able to help you find it before it has time to cause serious damage to your home. Be sure to check that all your visible pipes and plumbing are not leaking, if you see any wet spots around them keep a close eye to determine where it is coming from and if it is persistent. Peeling paint or bubbles in paint on the ceiling or walls may be a sign of water damage, this is especially common in bathrooms. Any soft or cooler spots in the floor could also be a sign. If you have a basement that you don’t use often, check it periodically to ensure that there is no flooding.

Water Damage Restoration in Gainesville, FL

If you find water damage in your home, Contact Maven Construction Group right away. We are a professional Gainesville restoration company that can take care of any water or mold damage that you may have in your home.

Maven Construction Group Makes Guest Appearance in Local Discovery Feature

Local Discovery Video Features Maven Construction Group

Local Discovery recently featured DiscoverShade, a local Gainesville company, and its convenient window shade treatments. With DiscoverShade, you can turn a screened deck into an open patio just by hitting a button!

If you’re considering building a custom home in Gainesville, then features and conveniences such as the DiscoverShade are a must-have, and it’s awesome when your custom home builder has experience incorporating these “extras” so you can truly customize your home to your preferences.

Maven Construction Group is licensed general contractor serving Gainesville and the North Florida Region. We specialize in home restoration and reconstruction, however, it is through that journey of experiences that we realized there are a lot of issues homeowners face of which they are not aware! Our reconstruction and restoration teams are called in when things have gone badly — poor construction and mistakes lead to water damage, mold damage and more. We have taken our knowledge of how to avoid these disasters and build custom homes the right way.

View the full video from Local Discovery below.

Bradford County Remediation & Restoration Services

Your house is one of the biggest investments you will make. Not only have you contributed a lot of financial resources, but you are most likely emotionally attached to it as well. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of disasters that can strike your home and, if they are not handled properly in a timely manner, can irreparably damage your house forever. However, if you live in Bradford County, Maven Construction Group is here to help. We provide some of the best specialists and contractors in their fields. Regardless, of the damage your home is suffering from, our services will restore it to its previous state.

Fire Damage Removal

Fire spreads quickly, weakening the structure of your house and damaging precious belongings. After a fire is put out, your home is still in danger. The structural integrity of your house may be compromised and lingering smoke and soot can have detrimental effects on the health of your loved ones. Our team of restoration specialists in Bradford County, FL can remove these threats so can enter your home again without fear.

Water Damage Specialists

Whether your water damage is the result of a leaky roof, burst pipe or extreme weather, water can be hazardous for a house if it is not dealt with immediately. Water will trickle into every possible spot, weakening the roof and walls. Further, if it is not dried quickly, it will encourage the growth of mold. Therefore, our water damage restoration specialists will utilize the latest advancements in technology to properly dry your home and furnishings, and repair any damaged walls before the problem escalates.

Extreme Weather Damage

Florida is well known for heavy thunderstorms. Though they may keep your garden hydrated, storms can cause severe damage to your roof or house. High speed winds pick up debris and toss them into your home while knocking other trees over damaging your house. Maven Construction Group can repair home damage and help with cleanup following these storms.

Mold Mitigation and Cleanup

Though it may be difficult to detect, mold can quickly spread throughout your home and cause significant health risks to your family. We will send mold remediation experts to find all traces of mold, prevent it from spreading further and thoroughly remove it from your home.

Residential and Commercial Restoration Services

Our restoration services are not exclusively available for residential properties. Commercial buildings are vulnerable to the same disasters and therefore, our Bradford County restoration team perform these same services for your office as well. Not only is a quick response necessary to prevent further damage, but it is also helps to minimize downtime for your business operations as well.

Quality Restoration Services in Bradford County, FL

While anyone can tear down a home and rebuild it, only the most qualified teams can restore them while retaining their original structure. The team of experts Maven Construction Group puts together works hard to identify weaknesses in your house and provides solutions to fix them without further harming your house. Additionally, we are able to recognize lasting side effects that may endanger your family and remove them in order to best protect your loved ones. We understand these incidents can occur at any time and that efficiency is a big factor. Our workers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so that we can minimize the damage to your home as much as possible. If your house is in danger, contact Maven Construction Group today.

Maven Construction Is Proud To Help ‘Raise The Roof’ This Holiday

One of the best holiday gifts of the season is in the works right here in Gainesville, and Maven Construction Group is proud to be a part of it.Our friends at the Ronald McDonald House of North Central Florida, which provides housing and support to families with sick children, has needed a roof replacement for years.


As restoration professionals, we understand the importance of a secure roof, especially for families going through difficult times. We also know they’re not cheap. As the chilly holiday season approached, the Ronald McDonald House was still $25,000 short of funding needed for the purchase.

That’s where local businesses stepped in to help.

Ronald McDonald House Charities realized that if 25 businesses and organizations each chipped in just $1,000 — one for each day of December before Christmas — that would provide exactly what the Ronald McDonald House needed for their new roof.

We’re thrilled to say that Maven Construction Group is one of those businesses. Check out the calendar of donations for all local supporters.

At Maven Construction Group, we work every day to restore properties and peace of mind to our neighbors in North Central Florida. We know that a roof isn’t just a roof — it’s security, safety, and comfort. We’re so proud to bring our mission and support to the Ronald McDonald House and the families who rely on it.

Alachua County Restoration & Reconstruction

Water, Fire & Mold Remediation Experts

Disasters can occur in your home or business at any time on any day. If you do not react quickly, the situation can become exponentially worse or even become irreparable. However, one call to Maven Construction Group can quickly turn your situation around. We understand that a fast response is necessary in order to minimize the impact on your home or office and the amount of downtime you will experience as a result. Maven Construction Group provides quality restoration services for mold damage, fire damage and water damage in Alachua County, including Gainesville, High Springs, Micanopy, Hawthorne, La Crosse, Alachua, Newberry, Waldo, Archer, Cross Creek, Haile, Jonesville, Island Grove and Haile Plantation. We are available 24/7 to provide restoration services pertaining to water damage, mold growth, soot and fire damage, or severe storm damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

Not only can a fire damage the structural integrity of your home, but it can leave traces of soot and smoke behind that can severely affect the health of your family. Maven will thoroughly clean your home or office so it is safe once again for your family. Call our experienced team to ensure your house is safe for your loved ones.

Mold Removal Specialists

Evidence of some forms of mold may be easily detectable, while others are unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Our licensed mold remediation professionals know the exact areas that are most impacted by mold. We will use the best containment and cleaning methods to eradicate all remnants of mold and prevent it from continuing to grow or spread throughout your house or office.

Roofing Repairs

Your roof is the structure that protects the rest of your house from the outside elements. If it begins to wear or is damaged significantly by debris, the rest of your home will be at risk to further damage. Contact Maven Restoration team immediately when you notice a problem with your roof.

Water Damage

Water is one of the most dangerous elements that can harm your house. It can reach into any nook and cranny and can even filter behind walls and beneath flooring without leaving any indication. Our water damage restoration service works quickly to identify the severity of water damage throughout your home and counteract it before the problem escalates.

Wind & Storm Damage Repairs

Florida homeowners and business owners are no strangers to the damaging effects large thunderstorms and hurricanes can cause. Severe winds turn all forms of debris into ammunition that can significantly damage your home. After the next big storm hits, contact Maven Restoration Group for assistance repairing any damage and preparing for the next one.

Lead Paint Abatement

In the past, lead was frequently used in construction but it has since been discovered to detrimentally impact our health. Certified specialists associated with Maven Construction Group are able identify traces of lead and know how to remove it without allowing it to spread. If you live in an older home and are about to complete a renovation project, call Maven first to test for the presence of lead.

Alachua, FL Commercial Restoration Services

Your business and office are not immune to these same types of disasters. In order to minimize costly downtime and prevent customers from getting sick, contact Maven to receive quick and reliable Alachua County restoration services you can trust.

Residential Restoration Services in Alachua, FL

After one of these disasters impacts your home, you must consult professionals who specialize in reconstruction projects. Maven Restoration Group will provide you with contractors who have experience determining which parts of your house can remain, safely removing the ones that cannot and expertly building the rest in order to restore your home to its original state.

Alachua County Restoration Services

Maven Restoration Group will use an experienced and licensed general contractor who consults with only the best team of restoration specialists in Alachua County, FL to work on your home. We use the most effective and advanced technology to protect and clean your home. Our goal is to restore your home or office so no one can tell a disaster occurred.

Homeowner’s Guide to Emergencies

Your home is a large investment for you and your family and you are tied to it both emotionally and financially. Therefore, if something happens to it, it is your responsibility to act quickly and prevent further damage. If you do not, these events can lead to massive damage to your house that can be irreparable or very expensive to fix.

Water Damage

In the event of water damage to your home, identify the source of the water immediately and turn it off. Turn off electricity in all affected areas. If the ceiling is wet, do not use any fixtures in that room. Remove all wet fabric in the vicinity and lift furniture off the ground if possible. While you wait for help to arrive, get rid of as much excess water as possible with towels. Do not turn your HVAC system any higher because you may cause mold to grow. Avoid standing under any ceiling that is sagging and do not rip up the carpet because you may cause more damage. Maven Restoration Group has the tools and experience to help you in this situation. Our team will know how to properly dry your home without causing mold to grow or further damage to your flooring, walls or ceiling.


Mold can cause significant respiratory problems, especially in pets, the elderly and children. If you discover it in your home, call Maven Restoration Group immediately. While you wait, evacuate everyone from the area and turn off your air conditioning. Do not try to dry the affected areas or disturb them in any way. Additionally, do not use any form of bleach or disinfectant to remove the mold, but instead wait for the professionals. Mold can spread quickly throughout your home in a matter of days. Our team at Maven Restoration Group will contain the spread of mold within your home and disinfectant the area thoroughly so you and your family will be safe once more.

Fire Damage

Regardless of how large or small the fire in your home is, it is vital that you take certain precautions. Attempt to limit the amount of foot traffic within your home to keep soot from spreading within your home. Keep your hands clean and avoid touching upholstery, fabric or walls. Coat all chrome within your house with a light layer of petroleum jelly. Dispose of any open containers of food or canned food that may have been in the vicinity. Make sure you change your air filter as well. Do not use any electronics that may have been affected by the fire or attempt to clean your walls without professional fire and smoke damage restoration assistance. When you need to do laundry, do not send your clothing to a traditional dry cleaners, instead send it to those who are experienced with clothing affected by smoke or the smell may set. Our experienced team at Maven Restoration Group will help you identify which items in your home are irreparably damaged and need to be disposed of. We can also clean and repair flooring and walls the correct way so that the problem does not spread throughout your house.

Storm & Wind Damage

Florida is subject to frequent large, powerful thunderstorms. Large branches and hail can damage your roof, windows and structure of your house. If you detect branches that have fallen on your roof, do not attempt to do any repairs yourself. Wait for Maven Restoration Group to safely remove them for you. If the storm damage is extensive and puts your family in harm’s way, evacuate until we arrive and determine it is safe again. Avoid broken windows that may allow more flying debris to enter. Our Gainesville restoration team members will make sure your house is stable once more. We will safely remove any fallen trees or branches and repair any window, roof or siding that may have become damaged in the storm.

Roof Damage

If your roof has been penetrated by hail, branches or a large tree, it may be able to let water filter through during a big storm. In this scenario, do your best to prevent water from entering your home and direct it elsewhere. If the water is coming through at a manageable pace, keep a bucket there to collect water or place a tarp up there to prevent water from entering. Do not put yourself at risk. Even if you believe you are equipped to climb up on your roof, do not do it in the middle of a storm or you will put yourself in danger. Move to another part of the house that is not affected by the water to wait for the storm to pass and our team to arrive. We will safely remove any debris that may be causing this damage. Our team will assess the situation and make roof repairs if necessary.

Lead Abatement

Lead provides a threat to you and your family, especially children. If you discover lead in your home, leave the area. Leave your home and wait until it is deemed safe to enter. Do not attempt to remove lead paint yourself. Improper construction methods can cause lead dust to move throughout your house, which will affect your health later. Maven Restoration Group knows how to properly remove the presence of lead from your home and will thoroughly clean afterwards so you do not need to worry about future contaminants.

Emergency Restoration Services in Gainesville, FL

Emergencies can happen at any time and any day of the week. That is why Maven Restoration Group is available 24/7 to help you and your family. The safety of you and you family are our priority and we will do everything possible to ensure that. We will use the latest methods and superior tools to keep your house a safe haven for many years to come. If you have an emergency situation in your home, call Maven Restoration Group.

Q&A: Tree Damage At the Davies’

Client Q&A: Tree Damage at the Davies’

Here at Maven Construction Group, we believe that the best way to learn about a business is through its clients. Our Client Q&A series will regularly revisit past job sites to introduce you to our range of projects and let our work speak for itself.

Read our Q&A with Craig Davies, whose house sustained substantial tree damage during a storm.

Q: What happened to your home that led you to call Maven Construction?

A water oak in our backyard lost a branch that landed on our house, creating several large holes in the roof. The branch was so large that it extended from our back yard across the roof onto the front of the house. I was very anxious and concerned. I climbed into the attic where I saw branches extending into the house with water from the storm coming through the holes. I immediately went back into the house with buckets and asked my wife Beth to call a repair service.

Leith [Finnegan, owner of Maven Construction Group] responded within the hour even though he had been at a local restaurant trying to enjoy a quiet meal.

Q: How was Maven Construction able to help that night?

Although the rain continued, Leith climbed onto the roof, and in spite of darkness and branches that made maneuvering and visibility difficult, he applied tarps to cover the holes. Leith arranged everything including dehumidifying the house and attic, tree branch removal, structural engineering appraisal, truss repair, roof replacement, drywall repair, interior and exterior door replacement and even all painting and finish work.

Obviously confidence and peace of mind is critical when repair to a home is needed. Beginning with the night Leith came to our house and applied temporary repairs, then discussing the situation and a plan of action, I began to relax and develop trust for Leith and Maven Construction. I felt increasingly confident that Maven would not only provide superior repairs, but that they would manage all subcontractors to the same standard.

Q: How did Maven Construction handle the insurance claim process?

We were not familiar with any of the processes needed to work with the insurance company, so Leith’s expertise and efficient approach gave us confidence that our home would be repaired to acceptable standards. Leith maintained an ongoing dialog with the insurance company, which I believe allowed us to stay on a schedule that completed the work in a timely manner and assured smoother financial transactions. He kept us informed regarding his interaction with the insurance company and any additional action that was necessary to assure prompt payment for claims.

Q: Was there anything about Maven’s work that particularly surprised or impressed you?

Their communication is outstanding! Leith organized everything and kept us informed so we never wondered or doubted that any aspect of the repair would be completed timely and with exceptional quality. We received regular progress reports via email or personal phone call. Leith remained available at any time to assist and assure us of the status of repairs.

Q: Do you have any advice for homeowners in a similar situation as you were?

Call Maven — you’ll be ever so pleased that you did!

Ask a Contractor

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Restoration Contractor

When disaster strikes your home or business, you will need the help of restoration professionals. Whether the damage involves a fallen tree, water, fire, or mold there is a specialized contractor in the business of helping people like you.

Maven is a great example of a restoration company that works hard to help its customers. We would like to share five tips to help you choose a responsible contractor for your restoration job. These tips will lead you to qualified professionals who won’t complicate the damage but will restore what you’ve lost.

Tip 1: Ask if the contractor is licensed.

It is important to hire a licensed contractor. This will ensure your contractor is a legitimate professional and not someone who wants to take advantage of you.

See the license in writing. To do this, ask to see a physical copy of the license or check the license online. Almost every state has an online database of licensed contractors sorted by business and, or contractor name. Check the expiration date and ensure the license is still in good standing.

Note: By law, the contractor you hire must have a license if your restoration project requires any building materials to be removed from the work site.

Tip 2: Ensure the contractor has experience.

Experience is important. In Florida, a general contractor’s license requires over four years of experience. This means a license will ensure your contractor is an honest businessperson, and it will ensure he or she has adequate experience for the job. Any experience beyond the license minimum just means he or she is better prepared for your restoration job.

Also talk with the contractor about his or her experience. Here is a question you might start the conversation with: “How many restoration jobs like mine have you completed in the last year?” This is a great prompt for the contractor to discuss specific know-how. You should try to gauge the amount of knowledge the contractor really has about restoration jobs — especially ones like yours.

Tip 3: Check for proper certification.

A certification will help ensure a restoration-job well done. There are about 30 different certifications a contractor can have. Restoration certifications include: water damage restoration, commercial drying, fire and smoke restoration, and mold remediation. Ask yourself: “What type of damage has occurred in my home or business? Water, fire, mold?” Talk to your contractor about his or her certifications in the area of your concern.

Tip 4: Ask for references.

A good contractor will happily provide you with references. Online reviews are a great place to start. If you want to ensure you that you hire a quality restoration contractor, speak with past customers or businesses that have worked with the contractor you are considering. The goal is to make sure the contractor in question has been honest in other business dealings and that he or she does not cut corners to get to the end result.

Tip 5: Remember the red flags.

Red flag 1: The contractor requires cash payments or up-front payments in full.

Red flag 2: The contractor requires that you use leftover materials from his or her last job.

Legitimate contractors will not ask you to do those things. So, do not hire a contractor that raises a red flag.

We hope our advice will lead you to a company that will handle your restoration job with care and excellence. Whether you currently seek a restoration contractor or will need to do so in the future — remember our five tips and let them guide your search.

If you would like to learn more about Maven Construction Group, or for more resources concerning fire, water or mold remediation, contact us today.

Mold Prevention Tips From Gainesville’s Restoration Experts

The key to mold prevention and control is controlling the moisture in your home. If there is a water leak, spill or flood that affects your residence, and goes unattended, mold will most likely form after 48 hours. It’s important to take the proper ongoing steps to control moisture in your home to help prevent mold growth.

The following are some tips to help control moisture and mold:

  • Be sure to clean and repair roof gutters on a regular basis
  • Keep your air conditioning drip pans clean
  • Keep your indoor relative humidity below 60 percent (preferably between 30 to 50 percent). This can be measured with a moisture or humidity meter which can be found at your local hardware store.
  • If you see moisture or condensation collecting on walls, windows or pipes, act swiftly to dry the wet surface and reduce the water source.
  • Vent appliances that are prone to produce moisture such as stoves, clothes dryers and kerosene heaters. These can increase the humidity in your home unless vented to the outside.
  • When showering run the bathroom fan or open the window
  • When running the dishwasher or cooking on the stove or oven, use exhaust fans or open windows
  • Use de-humidifiers and air conditioners as needed

Mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture, such as around leaks in windows, roofs or pipes, or where there has been flooding. If mold is growing in your home, you need to clean up the mold and FIX the moisture problem. At MAVEN Construction Group we have licensed Mold Remediators (MRSR2344) who can help you eliminate mold in your home and fix the moisture problems that are causing it. If you have an unexpected water leak, spill or flood take action quickly so that it doesn’t result in a mold problem. Learn more about mold prevention and removal and how a licensed professional can assist you with your mold and moisture problem.